It’s Here, Yes, I’m Talking About Sagittarius Season; The Time For Good Vibes!

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Is November along with its grayness getting you down? Well, hang on tight, because a wave of optimism and good humor is finally going to spread throughout our lives. The tumultuous intensity of Scorpio is finally over, making way for the light and fire of Sagittarius ♐. Discover exactly what this special season can bring and add to your daily routine.

It’s Here, Yes, I’m Talking About Sagittarius Season; The Time For Good Vibes!

A time for reconnecting with pleasure

Nothing happens by chance, especially when it comes to the wheel of the zodiac signs. So, after the Scorpio season, we move on to the Sagittarius season, and that's great news! But, do you know why? Well, with Scorpio season, it was all about introspection, self-reflection, and other not-so-joyful soul-searching. But, now that the season is over, the time for liberation has arrived! All the questions have found their answers, or for the most part, they now weigh down less on us, which means we can enter Sagittarius season. Here, we’ll feel liberated from all of our burdens and ready to enjoy life.

Sagittarius season

👂 The stars are telling me that late November, or early December might not be the best time of the year to enjoy life... but, Sagittarius doesn't care, and neither do we! 

Yes, Sagittarius spreads its influence and energies to all zodiac sign personalities, meaning we will all see life with a bit more light than it actually has 💡. This need to look on the bright side of life is necessary after a dive deep into ourselves that may have shaken us. Now, we know better what makes us tick, so it's time to... well... vibe!

Full of energy!

Sagittarius is a fire sign with boundless energy, and that's exactly what we need in this end-of-year period when we might tend to stagnate and postpone things. In fact, we quickly realize that it's never too late for changes, and novelties, let's continue to be curious and try new experiences. Sagittarius influences are positive and invite us to be more in tune with ourselves, but turned outward 🪟. So, don't hesitate to go out, make new acquaintances, move, marvel, but be as sincere as possible with ourselves, with others, and with our desires.

It is important to note that Sagittarius urges us to move forward to help us heal and heal our wounds. It's a period of fulfillment and optimism, so let's take a step back, put situations into perspective, and, most importantly, open our minds. Likewise, it is now time to free ourselves from our past and envision the future with more serenity. Scorpio season gave us the keys to our liberation, and Sagittarius season invites us to open the door with a bang 💥.

How you can make the most of Sagittarius energies

1. Have fun

Yes, we've seen it, Sagittarius season marks the return of pleasures, but ones that are primarily outward-focused. So, it's time for outings, evenings, walks, and travels. Here, you should avoid limiting yourself as much as possible, plus, you should listen to yourself and enjoy the beauty of autumn 🍂.

2. Chase your goals

Whether it be getting back into sports, or taking a course, everything is possible to achieve your goals. During Sagittarius season, go all the way with your ambitions, and fulfill your dreams, with the energy of this sign pushing you forward.

3. Focus on life’s small pleasures

Nourishing yourself with the world's beauty and marveling at everything is what we can take away from this season. There's no need to go far to feast your eyes, and not much is needed to feel good. Sometimes all it takes is to open your eyes and the realm of possibilities.

Susan Taylor’s insights: Make room for joy

This end of autumn will be marked by pleasure and discovery. Trying new things is always a bit exhilarating, but going all the way with your dreams, achieving your goals, or knowing what the best choices are for your well-being is not always easy. So, to help you make the most of this happy period and dare to launch yourself with serenity, I recommend a spiritual guidance session to silence your doubts. You will come out peaceful and confident.

- The future is mine -

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