What Is My Descendant Sign, And How Does It Influence My Personality?

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You probably no doubt already know your zodiac sign, and your rising sign, but, the question is, do you know your descendant sign? In your birth chart, this particular sign reveals more about your relationships with others and can help you understand what you expect from your romantic partners. So, if you’re wondering what’s my descendant, figure it out here!

What Is My Descendant Sign, And How Does It Influence My Personality?

What is a descendant sign in astrology?

If the rising sign is on the cusp (the beginning) of the astrological 1st house. The descendant is on the cusp of the 7th astrological house, which represents the others. The 7th House is the one that defines our relationship with others, as well as our way of behaving and our perception of others (spouse, friends, professional partners, collaborator, etc.). It is, therefore, the house that represents our associations, our partnerships, our unions, our commitments, and our social relationships. Thus, in a birth chart, the zodiac sign in which the descendant will be found gives information on the type of partner the native is looking for and the relationships that suit them.

How to find your descendant

In this example, we see the rising sign (AC), in the 1st house in Sagittarius and therefore opposite, the descendant (DS), in the 7th house in Gemini.

What is my descendant sign?

To locate your descendant, you must first know or calculate your ascendant or rising sign. Once you know your ascendant, it's simple, the descendant is at the other end of a line drawn from the ascendant's arrow. Its position, in degrees in a sign, is calculated automatically, once you have calculated the ascendant. For example, in the above natal chart, the ascendant is at 2 degrees in Sagittarius, so the descendant is necessarily at 2 degrees in the sign Gemini. If you have your natal chart, find your ascendant and descendant by their symbol:

  • Ascendant 🡨 AC
  • Descendant -< DS

In fact, the descendant is, therefore, necessarily in the sign opposite the sign of the Ascendant, so:

  • Ascendant Aries = Descendant in Libra
  • Ascendant Taurus = Descendant in Scorpio
  • Ascendant Gemini = Descendant in Sagittarius
  • Ascendant Cancer = Descendant in Capricorn
  • Leo Ascendant = Descendant in Aquarius
  • Virgo Ascendant = Descendant in Pisces
  • Libra Ascendant = Descendant in Aries
  • Scorpio Ascendant = Descendant in Taurus
  • Sagittarius Ascendant = Descendant in Gemini
  • Capricorn Ascendant = Descendant in Cancer
  • Aquarius Ascendant = Descendant in Leo
  • Pisces Ascendant = Descendant in Virgo

The influence of a descendant sign

As we have seen, the descendant gives us indications on our relationships. Knowing it can help us to have more fulfilling relationships, since the descendant reveals what we need and what we avoid. This is especially true for our romantic relationships or if you are looking for love, but not only, the descendant can be a precious help to know what kind of partner and relationship can make us happy. Learning to identify our strengths and weaknesses often allows us to have much healthier and emotionally fulfilling relationships.

♈ Aries Ascendant
Descendant in Libra
You are desperate to be in a relationship. But your biggest concern is balancing your personal interests - which you often seek to prioritize - with those of your spouse.
♉ Taurus ascendant
Descendant in Scorpio
In your relationship, sensuality is very important. No question of looking into each other's eyes without touching. You often provoke conflicts, for the sake of sincerity and transparency, that you love to settle them on the pillow.
♊ Gemini ascendant
Descendant in Sagittarius
Although it's not always easy for you to believe in love, you love relationships and people who teach you something new. You are attracted to people who have a different worldview than you do.
♋ Cancer ascendant
Descendant in Capricorn
You keep a distance from the other person because you are afraid of drowning in the emotional flood. However, your feelings are intense and, very controlled. You are more attracted to rock-solid people than to others.
♌ Leo ascendant
Descendant in Aquarius
You are in search of the other person's gaze. You like your partner to flatter you, especially if his or her personality is original and unwilling to worry about his or her image, unlike you! Likewise, you envy people with an inventive and free spirit.
♍ Virgo ascendant
Descendant in Pisces
You give the other person importance, and you help them to rise spiritually, you offer them wonder and contribute to their inspiration. Helpful, you are incredibly generous with those you love.
♎ Libra ascendant
Descendant in Aries
Despite your gentle ways, you may come into conflict with another if they refuse to compromise and efforts to adapt. Yet, paradoxically, you like feisty and decisive partners, who sometimes cut through for you!
♏ Scorpio ascendant
Descendant in Taurus
At the beginning of a relationship, you are always very careful and suspicious. You analyze the other person's behavior before accepting that you are under the spell. However, once seduced, you easily give in to torrid embraces and possessiveness.
♐ Sagittarius ascendant
Descendant in Gemini
You base your relationship primarily on an intellectual level more than on a passionate one. In fact, in a relationship, you prefer companionship to a sentimental romance. What appeals to you above all is humor, wit, and stimulation.
♑ Capricorn ascendant
Descendant in Cancer
You like to demonstrate to others that your independent nature needs no one to exist. But you seek comfort, warmth, protection, and tenderness in your relationships without admitting it. You appreciate people who express their feelings. This helps you to open up.
♒ Aquarius ascendant
Descendant in Leo
Even though you are more cerebral than sentimental, you still dream of a flamboyant and glamorous relationship. To work in the long term, your relationship must be based on mutual admiration.
♓ Pisces ascendant
Descendant in Virgo
What you are looking for in a relationship is a pragmatic partner who knows how to put your feet up. However, you often leave it to others to solve for you, all the practical concerns, while you encourage everyone to believe in their dreams.

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What is the difference between ascendant and descendant?

The terms "ascendant" and "descendant" are often used in astrology to refer to the position of a celestial body, such as a planet or star, relative to the horizon. An "ascendant" refers to the zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time of a person's birth. It is also called the "rising sign." The ascendant is an important factor in a person's astrological chart, as it is believed to influence the person's outward appearance, demeanor, and approach to life.

On the other hand, a "descendant" refers to the zodiac sign that was setting on the western horizon at the time of a person's birth. The descendant is less frequently used in astrology, but it is still an important factor in a person's astrological chart, as it is believed to influence the person's relationships and the kind of partner they are attracted to. In summary, while both terms refer to the position of celestial bodies relative to the horizon, the ascendant is the rising sign at the time of birth, while the descendant is the setting sign at the time of birth.

Susan Taylor’s insights: Focus on what matters

You probably know it, but it is by gaining experience that we know a little better what we need, what we expect from others, and what our relationships should be made of. Knowing your offspring is a big step forward and already have the information you need to make better choices. It turns out, however, that the relationship life and the sentimental life are not a long quiet river. So, if you have doubts about a relationship and feel that you need guidance, don't hesitate to turn to one of our psychics who will be able to enlighten you and offer you spiritual guidance. He will bring you a clear vision of your future and the keys to move forward more serenely.

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