Aries Rising: How This Fiesty Component Influences Your Personality

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People with Aries rising in the first house of their birth charts are generally considered as strong and determined characters. These traits naturally lead them to positions of responsibility where they will be able to use their skills to work with others towards their goals and finalization of their projects. Indeed, their passion often pushes these natives beyond their limits, even if it means taking risks. This astrological feature is actually likened to a catalyst, so, without further ado, read Susan Taylor's interpretation of this component and discover how it impacts your character.

What are people born with Aries rising like?

They are real go-getters and hate being inactive. Indeed, when they have their heart set on something, they don’t hang around for too long and will do anything to chase their objectives. Their hastiness and love for independence set them apart from the crowd and get people to notice them. If you had things their way, they'd get on with things alone, although if it really comes to it, they can work in a team environment. In a nutshell, they are fun, bright, lively and enthusiastic.

Aries ascendant is a strong personality fueled by creativity and curiosity. They are always ready to discover new things and are therefore never afraid to find themselves in tough situations. In fact, this is something they are always looking for. Thus, set limits are never considered an insurmountable obstacle for them, but instead a simple objective to be overcome.

Aries rising woman - Her personality described

An Aries rising woman is known for her bold and confident personality. She has dynamic energy and is often seen as a natural leader. Her assertive nature is apparent in all aspects of her life, and she is unafraid to speak her mind and take risks. The Aries rising woman is independent and values her freedom and independence. She has a strong competitive streak and enjoys taking on challenges and proving herself. Her passion for life is infectious, and she is often seen as a force to be reckoned with. However, she can be impulsive and may act before thinking things through, leading to impatience and frustration. Despite this, the Aries rising woman is a courageous and brave individual who is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

Aries rising man - His personality described

Aries rising makes men enterprising, lively, joyful, reckless, sociable and courageous but also impatient, nervous and impulsive. You are ambitious, curious and quick-witted. Even if you have to take risks, you often act on the spur of the moment and go for it. Faced with obstacles and failure, you always have a solution to bounce back and start again. You flee from routine, from habits, you constantly have new ideas to go forward and color the daily life. Whatever the field, you find it difficult to bend to the rules. You need to move, to live off the beaten track, and to vibrate in love. Your courage allows you to take initiatives and to launch yourself, but your impatience can often prevent you from going through with your projects because if they are not realized quickly, you abandon them along the way to quickly move on to something else.

What this ascendant adds to your daily life

An Aries ascendant is a guarantee of willpower, dynamism and strength! It is a Fire sign that bubbles up from within and breathes life and passion into your projects. If your astrological sign tends to be overthinking or slow to act, an Aries ascendant is a blessing because it will get you out of the rut and push you to act. This ascendant gives you the courage you need to surpass yourself and to take risks in all aspects of your life. It makes you more passionate, quicker, and more foreseeing of what’s to come. It is an indication of involvement, drive, energy, and it is clear that with it, anything is possible.

The associated strengths and weaknesses

As you can see, an Aries ascendant is a great asset for astrological signs who lack energy and enthusiasm. It adds a hint of magic, life and desire that they were missing. It allows you to overcome your fears, your limits and to seize every opportunity that comes your way. However, a Fire sign like Aries added to another Fire sign can be difficult to manage. If this is the case, you have to know how to channel this overflow of dynamism because these combinations often lack concentration.

How Aries rising impacts your love life:

Your Aries ascendant animates the flame of desire and makes you an exceptional lover. Romance is your things, and you love pushing the boat out to prove how deep your feelings are. If you are single, your rising sign will give you the confidence to use your power of seduction and attraction. Once you are in love, your passion increases and means that'd move mountains for your partner. 

Since you have a passionate nature, you seek above all passionate romance. You want your relationship to explore new horizons and won't stand for routine. It is undoubtedly with the sign of Leo that you match best with because you have many things in common, especially your great determination.

Here are the best love matches for Aries rising:

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Astrologist Susan Taylor

Astrologist Susan Taylor's insights:

Having Aries rising in your natal chart allows you to surpass yourself, to take risks, to better define your desires and above all to live them. It makes you more passionate, faster, and you know how to better understand events. It's an indication of involvement, drive, energy, and it is clear that with it, you will not do anything without interest. Associating the rising sign with your zodiac sign allows for deeper and clear insights into whom you really are. 

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Click on your zodiac sign to discover the influence of Aries rising on your sun sign.

  • Aries

    Aries sun Aries rising; is a fiery combination!

    This is certainly an exciting mixture, because these people aren't afraid of anything. Whenever they are faced with troubles, nothing holds them back or throws them off target; they know what they want and how to get it. Their confidence is strong and helps them when it comes to expressing your desires.

    If this combination applies to you, you are impulsive by nature and don't control your impulses well. Dynamic and full of life, you are attracted to action and do not appreciate idleness, although this is not surprising, because your skill and reactivity is remarkable and highly appreciated by those around you. 

    Aries rising sign Aries positive traits:

    Their charm is a dangerous weapon and is useful in overcoming tough obstacles. Their smile helps them succeed in love and gets them exactly what they desire.

    What is Aries sun Aries rising like in love?

    You are guided by love and passion. Your sentimental life is often complex and made of several parts. When you are in a relationship, you are exclusive, possessive, whole, but also generous, loving, and demonstrative. You like to surprise your partner, too, and keep them on their toes.

    What are they like at work?

    They are independent, autonomous, and determined to see evolution. These folks are also lively, fast and efficient in a professional setting, meaning they know exactly what is essential. As voluntary, intuitive and ambitious, they know exactly what they want and aren’t afraid to chase their dreams.

Article presented by Susan Taylor

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