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Tiger Horoscope 2020: Good Fortune Will Roll In

This first year of a new twelve-year cycle will see your drive and thirst for success go into overdrive in 2020 Tiger. A passion for discovery and exploration will be unearthed, and you’ll find yourself craving adventures abroad, according to the Tiger predictions. You’ll make many new friendships in year 2020 and will be left satisfied with your social life come the end of the year. Chinese astrology reveals your lucky months in Tiger horoscope 2020.

Tiger horoscope 2020 contents:

Chinese zodiac sign: Tiger personality

Akin to the animal with which you share a year, you’re an authoritative person and love to hold power over others. ‘Procrastination’ isn’t a part of your vocabulary and patience is a virtue that you simply don’t possess. Tiger, your defining trait is your independence, and you’ll often find that this free-will will lead you to taking unnecessary risks in Rat 2020.

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Relationships for 2020 Tiger 

There’s one word to describe you as a lover; passionate. You’re someone that thrives off emotion and passion, and the novelty of good luck encounters is something that truly excites you. All you need from a partner is someone that can keep you on your toes and keep the flame burning. If the passion endures then so will your feelings in Tiger horoscope 2020.

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Hidden talents for Tiger in Chinese horoscope 2020

Chinese horoscope 2020 reveals the Tiger is worshipped like royalty in Chinese astrology culture, so it’s no surprise that you’ve been endowed with such a special talent- the ability to protect. Family and children are your biggest priorities, and you’re always willing to put your loved ones’ happiness above your own. What’s more, you’re seen as a lucky charm by others, and someone that can ward off disasters. It’s for this reason that tiger statues are often found at entrances to buildings, as it’s believed that they protect against evil spirits.

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Tiger compatibility in year 2020

A Tiger like yourself would make an exceptional partner for the mystical Dragon, and love between you would undoubtedly blossom. Equally, the Dog would be a loyal partner, and would prove to be a reliable companion in times of uncertainty. The Rabbit, being both elegant and sensual, will show you a passionate relationship and shower you in its affection.

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The Year of the Rat: What’s in store for Tiger?

2020 Tiger predicts a calm and composed year, but that being said, you must pay attention to your emotions. The promise of progression in your professional life will lead you to being overcome with passion, so you’ll need to find some discipline sooner or later in Tiger horoscope 2020. Your confidence, however, will remain fully intact and those around you will continually ask how you’re possibly able to maintain such a self-assured demeanor.

Chinese Spring: 4th February- 4th May 2020

Unrivalled levels of enthusiasm and energy.

There’s such a buzz for the Chinese 2020 year that you can taste the excitement in the air. It’s this energy that will push you on to begin your ascent to glory in 2020. You might be brimming with excitement, but ensure that you don’t make any hasty decisions. On the money side of things, many of your investments will pay off provided that you avoid dealing with any finances around Full Moons. Your love life will take a backseat in February- not because you haven’t put yourself out there, but because you simply haven’t had time. This will all change in March, however, as a new encounter will ignite a spark inside of you.

Chinese Summer: 5th May- 6th August 2020

What a time to be alive! 

Your legendary flair and originality will breath fresh ideas into your work life. Come June, your independent nature will push you to get out there and quench your thirst for discovery and freedom. This adventurous streak will continue into July and you’ll be craving fresh challenges and new obstacles. You’ll be a little spend happy in this period, so try and maintain some discipline or risk your bank account feeling the effects. Your relationships will blossom into something beautiful, and will leave you a firm believer of the old phrase ‘quality over quantity’.

Chinese Autumn: 7th August- 6th November 2020

Things are running almost too smoothly. 

The time’s come to sate that hunger for exploration according to Tiger horoscope 2020. You’ll embrace new cultures, meet new people, and return rejuvenated. Chinese Valentine’s Day (25th August) will be spent in the arms of your partner and things couldn’t be better. You’ll return from your vacation with fresh determination and your fearlessness will leave your colleagues in awe. Could a promotion be on the cards? With your confidence flying high, you’ll be the object of many affections, so singletons, seize every opportunity to fulfill your love relationship. 

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Chinese Winter: 7th November 2020- 3rd February 2021

Ready to get the best from both your job and love life. 

Optimism, good luck and enthusiasm define your winter period. Your spirits will be high from the previous season, and you’ll be starting to look forward to the year ahead. You’re in a mindset where nobody can possibly stand in your way. Work is a breeze and whilst the temperature might be cooling, you continue to stay in red-hot form. Love is almost certainly in the air, so expect fireworks when the Full Moon is at full strength (30th November). The holiday season is all about your family, and you’ve neglected them a little lately, so you’ll go out of your way to spend some quality time with your loved ones. 

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By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

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