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Dog horoscope 2020: A Year Of Pure Adventure

The Year of the Rat promises nothing but excitement and adventure- two things that you crave more than anything, Dog people. Thanks to the energy of the new year, you’ll take life by the horns and set out on a quest for success in your career, love life, and finances. Chinese zodiac Dog, this is the dawn of a new twelve-year cycle, so embrace the fresh challenges that present themselves to you during the Dog horoscope 2020.

Dog horoscope 2020 contents:

Dog sign: Personality

Born in a Yang year, you’re both optimistic and incredibly enthusiastic. Incredibly generous, you’re always willing to put your hand out to help others. This moral compass makes you a good person to have around as you’ll more often than not make the right decisions. Your loyalty is second to none, and your selflessness means you’re more than happy to pass away the hours listening to the problems of your loved ones and those in your circle of friends in Dog horoscope 2020.

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Chinese Dog zodiac sign: Relationships

Eternally faithful, unfailingly affectionate, and attentive to the needs of others, you want nothing more than to settle down and start building a big family. That said, you have a tendency to be overemotional, and that coupled with your worrisome nature results in you finding it harder than most to describe how you feel. Love at first sign is a possibility!

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Dog horoscope 2020: Your hidden talents

Dog horoscope 2020, there are some talents that slip under the radar, whilst others are clear to see. Yours isn’t the most obvious but you’ll question why you’ve never noticed it before. It’s your ability to make a good first impression. Whether it be your strong moral principles or your innate enthusiasm, you’re a naturally charismatic individual and others can’t help but be drawn to you.

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Dog Compatibility in Chinese horoscope 2020

People born as Dog Chinese zodiac, are you looking for a soul mate? Why not look to the Monkey for an action-packed relationship full of fun and laughter. The Tiger could bring both passion and a levelheaded approach to your romance which would complement your own cool headedness very well. What’s more, the Horse is brimming with loyalty, and is very family-oriented like yourself, which makes them the perfect sign to build a future with. With some good luck, you'll find the perfect partner in 2020.

The Year of the Rat: What’s in store for Dog?

The winds of change are blowing in dear Dog horoscope 2020, so it’s time to sharpen your instincts, dream big, and step up to the plate for a year that is full of twists and turns. Your social circle will grow bigger than you ever thought possible, and romance will be around every corner. Money won’t be a priority in the Year of the Rat, as you’ll shrewdly set aside any fortunes for a time when you’ll need them the most. 

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Chinese Spring: 4th February- 4th May 2020

The year bursts into life at blistering pace!

Dog horoscope 2020 suggests you’ll kick off the year in Olympian form, and your effort, determination, and focus will all combine on the quest for success. Your cool-headedness will come into play at the Year of the Rat’s dawn as you’ll often be called upon to bring some calm during tense negotiations. Love will be calling during this period but whilst it seems appealing at first, you’ll find that romance gives you nothing but pain. Fortunately, the company of your family and friends is enough to get you back on your feet, and your spirits will lift after a short while. 

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Chinese Summer: 5th May- 6th August 2020

No time to procrastinate! 

Summer rolls around and change is everywhere you look. If you want to stay afloat and move with the times then it’s essential that you keep your ear to the ground at work so that you know how to adapt to all the changes taking place. This time is likely to be stressful, so it might be best to confide in friends born under the Pig or Ox in order to get some worries off your chest. The summer period will be jampacked, and you’ll struggle to find a moment alone amongst all the festivities spent with family and friends.

Chinese Autumn: 7th August- 6th November 2020

Strength and determination are throbbing through your veins.

August will see you take a well-earned vacation away from the troubles of day-to-day life and you’ll be rejuvenated and refocused as a result. Chinese Valentine’s Day takes place on August 25th, so whether you’re single or coupled up, make sure you have your true feelings heard. September quickly dawns and you’ll kick it off by helping out a colleague that has been weighed down by work lately. If all goes to plan then you’ll be showered in praise and compliments. Unfortunately, October will see your jealous streak come to the fore as you’ll be overwhelmed with envy when the object of your affections gives someone else their time. 

Chinese Winter: 7th November 2020- 3rd February 2021

Get ready for the season where all your hard work will pay off. 

Your love life will hit new heights in November, and the tenderness and intimacy will have you wondering whether Christmas has come early. You’ll be in great shape come the holiday season and the company of your family and friends will leave you feeling valued and content. Sadly, the same can’t be said in the workplace, as you’ll put in a whole lot of effort and yet feel like your hard work and talents just aren’t appreciated. In spite of this, the Year of the Ox will soon be upon you and with it comes even more change. 

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By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

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