Monkey Horoscope 2023: A Peaceful Year Lies Ahead

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Dear Monkey, you may be bored during this year of the Water Rabbit, which is too peaceful for you. It lacks various stimuli for your taste... So see this year as a break to relax. Check out your Monkey horoscope 2023, specially written by our Chinese astrology specialist.

Monkey Horoscope 2023: A Peaceful Year Lies Ahead

- Am I a Monkey? - If you were born in the following years; 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, then, yes you are!

Under the influence of the Water Rabbit, this year promises to be far too boring for the fun-loving Monkey. In short, it's a bit too quiet, both in love and in finances, for the lively Monkey. Let your artistic fiber sharpen instead, it's the right time.

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Monkey horoscope 2023: Luck in the artistic field

Monkey, you, who never tires of provoking luck, will be happy this year to see it come your way, especially in the artistic field. So, why not boost your creativity and stimulate your motivation by inviting a ficus Benjamina, a symbol of inventiveness and ingenuity, into your living room or office? As for your best dates of the Year of the Hare, you can use the Double Nine festival (23/10) to offer yourself a lottery ticket and make a wish (17/7).

Monkey horoscope

The overly quiet mood of the year may penalize your need for action. However, the Monkey has more than one trick up his sleeve, and you will be able to masterfully deploy your most innovative talents and sharpen your taste for challenges to boost your social ascension. On the financial side, the slowness of the administration and of certain companies could make you lose patience. You should put things into perspective and postpone the less urgent expenses to a later date. You will gain in serenity.

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Monkey's love horoscope for 2023

Monkey, you are understanding, cheerful, and endowed with charm and magnetism. Likewise, you combine with brilliance the art of seducing and making yourself appreciated. You love to play with your children and expect admiration and extreme benevolence from your spouse. In the Rabbit year, the tempo of your love life will clearly lack emulation and excitement in your eyes, and you risk getting bored. Fortunately, a wise Monkey is worth two. With a wave of your magic wand, you'll pull a rabbit out of your hat to rekindle the flame of your desires.

Who do you match best with?

Goat, Monkey, and Dragon will be excellent company for you this year.

  • The Goat will keep you amused and will be a good ally to get you through complicated times.
  • Another Monkey can help you balance yourself.
  • You'll work wonders with a Dragon!

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Monkey's work and financial horoscope for 2023

The quiet atmosphere of the year may penalize your need for action. However, the Monkey has more than one trick up his sleeve, and you will be able to masterfully deploy your most innovative talents and sharpen your taste for challenges to boost your social ascension. On the financial side, the slowness of the administration and of certain companies could make you lose patience. You should know how to put things into perspective and postpone the least urgent expenses to a later date. You will gain in serenity.

Will Monkey be in good health?

If there's one challenge for Monkeys this year, it's to take the time to look after themselves. On the food front, spring will be an ideal time to start a detox diet based on tasty fruits and vegetables. Summer is the perfect time to let off steam and get some restful sleep. In the fall, it's time for gentle physical activities (rock climbing, Pilates). As winter approaches, complete treatment rituals (scrub, wrap, modeling) will help you end the year relaxed.

What is the Monkey’s personality like?

Optimistic and relaxed, you breathe the joy of life and good humor. You are clever and playful, alert and quick-witted, you learn quickly, and you love challenges that stimulate your brain cells. Sociable and communicative, you are gifted at making contacts and surrounding yourself with friends. You have an unshakable confidence in yourself and are able to chart your own course with virtuosity and casualness. For you, life should be lived as a life-size role play.

When is the next year of the Monkey?

The next year of the Monkey is in 2028.

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