Monkey Horoscope 2022: Turbulence Lies Ahead...

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Dear Monkey, you'll have to hang on during this year of the Water Tiger. Be prepared because 2022 will be a bumpy ride for you, so hang in there and fight for what's important to you. Check out your Monkey horoscope 2022 and discover what Susan Taylor sees for your future.

It's not going to be an easy year for cheeky Monkey. You typically love to laugh and have fun, but instead, you will have to show other people what you’re made of in 2022. Some turbulence will throw many things into question, and now won’t be a time for joking, but rather for fighting to keep what you hold dear.

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The year of the Water Tiger: Troubled waters ahead for Monkey

The year of the Tiger will not be favorable for you in the first half of the year, especially when it comes to your career. An accumulation of setbacks will demotivate you during this period, so you’ll need to beware of burn-out. Fortunately, thanks to your ingenuity, things will turn around for the future. On the financial side, unexpected expenses may arise and cause trouble. Your spirituality and charm will seduce and make you have a multitude of light and uninhibited relationships that will fully satisfy you. A period of instability is coming for you, and this will mark a time for defending yourself, although, you’ll clearly lack motivation.

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Monkey's love horoscope for 2022

Venerable Monkey, whether on a tatami mat or in life, people never get bored with you. You are endowed with a crazy, radiant, and spiritual charm. Plus, you always find the words that hit the nail on the head, and instantly know how to relax the atmosphere and seduce everyone around you. You love feeling free in relationships and being able to express your carnal needs. Throughout the Tiger year, you’ll look for noble feelings, adoration, veneration, epic love affairs, and adrenaline rushes. Will you be tempted by the flames of passion?

Who do you match best with?

Goat, Monkey, and Dragon will be excellent company for you this year.

  • The Goat will keep you amused and will be a good ally to get you through complicated times.
  • Another Monkey can help you balance yourself.
  • You'll work wonders with a Dragon!

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Monkey's work and financial horoscope for 2022

The Year of the Tiger will not be very favorable for you, especially in the first half of the year. Not only will you lack motivation, but above all, you will experience a series of setbacks. Why not turn things around?! By competing with ingenuity to impose yourself and by fighting to find lasting solutions, you will masterfully beat the game. In the second half of the year, everything will be better, and on the financial side, you will have to face unexpected expenses that you will curb by adjusting your investments.

Will Monkey be in good health?

Do not take the state of your health lightly this year. On the physical side, you risk burn-out or depression, so be careful! Why not go and get pampered in a spa renowned for its waters, go tree-climbing, go hang-gliding or take up gentle activities (Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Pilates...). In terms of food, focus on your immune system by consuming vitamins (A, C, D, B6, B12).

How to make the most of this year

Throughout the Tiger year, your occult powers will be increased tenfold, and your terrestrial magnetism will be enhanced. Why not seize this incredible opportunity to try out-of-body experiences? For the less adventurous, lucid dreams will be just as captivating. To attract good fortune, placing a Chinese money tree in your office will prove to be most effective. As for dates, your best month will be August and its famous lovers' day (4/8).

The Monkey’s personality

Optimistic and relaxed, you breathe the joy of life and good humor. You are clever and playful, alert and quick-witted, you learn quickly, and you love challenges that stimulate your brain cells. Sociable and communicative, you are gifted at making contacts and surrounding yourself with friends. You have an unshakable confidence in yourself and are able to chart your own course with virtuosity and casualness. For you, life should be lived as a life-size role play.

When is the next year of the Monkey?

The next year of the Monkey is in 2028.

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