Ox Horoscope 2022: Certain Worries Will Mark Your Year

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Unfortunately, many worries will mark the year of the Water Tiger for you, dear Ox. However, you will be able to overcome all the obstacles you face by making focusing on making your future positive and being truly uncompromising. Read on and find out what your Chinese horoscope 2022 has in store for you!

Ox Horoscope 2022: Stay positive

Throughout 2022, you can, unfortunately, expect setbacks and small difficulties to pile up. Although it's annoying, you'll get through it thanks to your positivity and luminous smile. Be firm, stick to your guns, and everything will be fine. Discover our Chinese horoscope 2022.

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Ox's love horoscope for 2022

Honorable Ox, for you, love is a matter of courage. That is why you favor fidelity and sincerity. As a Chinese zodiac of a carnal and sensual nature, you nevertheless feel a certain modesty when it comes to expressing your feelings. In the year of the Tiger, passion will rhyme with adoration, and romance will be on the agenda. Just don't let yourself fall into the grips of a serial lover, especially if you are looking for your twin flame. If you are in a relationship, it's time to show your prowess on the tatami.

Who are your best romantic matches?

Ox, you are a faithful and loyal person, plus, you see your future with a partner who shares the same values as you. Being an earthy and sensual person, you are skilled in the art of love and capable of driving someone crazy with passion.

  • You are likely to find an optimistic and fruitful future with the Pig as a partner. Indeed, the Pig never seems to run out of luck when it comes to money.
  • Likewise, life with the Monkey will be fun, and you'll find that your sides will never stop splitting when they're around.
  • The Rooster will shower you with love and affection.
  • The Snake will easily win you over with its seductive charms.

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Chinese horoscope 2022 Ox: Work - money

Although this is a year of power struggles, rivalries, and friction, don't forget the Chinese proverb that says: "One Ox can kill two Tigers". So, whatever happens, you will roll up your sleeves and work tirelessly. But, above all, you will swallow your pride and smooth, without batting an eyelash, all the obstacles that dot your path. Financially, money will flow, and you’ll take the opportunity to invest in a personal project that is particularly close to your heart.

What’s in store for your health horoscope?

With good stamina and energy, outdoor activities will be especially beneficial to you from a physical point of view. Nordic walking, hiking, and mountain vacations will help you clear your mind and clear your thoughts. As for food, the Year of the Tiger is a good time for the kidneys and bladder. Do not hesitate to increase the consumption of clear water, favor diuretic herbs (chives, coriander, dill) and eat dandelions.

How to make 2022 a great one

Your greatest opportunity this year will be adversity and learning how to bounce back from it. You will develop unexpected tactics and devise unstoppable strategies. You will also take advantage of this period of change to move to the countryside with your family. To attract luck and promote your ambitions, a "lucky Bamboo", a symbol of fortune and prosperity, will be most effective. As for the dates, your favorite month will be January.

Ox’s personality

Calm and organized by nature, you have a sense of duty and when you commit yourself, your word is sacred. With a sense of responsibility and great physical stamina, you perform feats that others struggle to pull off. This is undoubtedly why you are considered to be a driving force by your friends and family. You hate the idea of taking the easy way out and have trouble putting up with lies and compromise.

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When is the next year of the Ox?

It takes place in 2033.

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I love your post thank you

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