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Chinese New Year 2020: Who Are The Luckiest Chinese Zodiac Signs?

The Year of the Pig is set to be a positive one for most of the Chinese zodiac signs, but, some lucky signs are in store for the best year they have ever lived! Who are the luckiest Chinese zodiac signs in the Year of the Pig? Is your zodiac one of the 3 luckiest this Chinese New Year 2020? The Chinese horoscope 2020 has revealed revolutionary secrets include which zodiac signs are set for immense success. How lucky is your Chinese zodiac sign?

All the zodiac signs should expect lots of amazing changes this year especially in the professional and personal realms. At home, at work and in your personal life, you’ll feel the need to install a sense of balance this Chinese New Year. Stay alert for any bad surprises all the same; you can never be too careful. The year of the Pig is all about spending quality time with your loved ones and living life to the max!

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The 3 luckiest Chinese zodiac signs in the Year of the Pig

The Year of the Pig will be an excellent one for the Pig, Rat and Ox. It's fair to say that Pig, Rat and Ox and the luckiest Chinese zodiac signs of 2020. 

1. Pig: Luckiest Chinese zodiac sign

Pig Chinese zodiac sign

Pig friends of the Chinese zodiac, you can expect to live a peaceful and fulfilling 12 months in the Year of the Pig! It is your year after all! You won’t get bored this year and your social life and close friends will play a huge part in your life. As for your career, you’ll find yourself getting more and more creative as the year goes on. Here’s a tip for you Pig friends, in order to avoid tensions arising, be loyal and honest with yourself.

2. Rat: A year full of adventure!

Rat Chinese zodiac sign

Dear Rat friends, this Year of the Pig you’ll fulfill your dreams of escaping your daily routine and will replace it will travel, love and adventure. You can look forward to an amazing year ahead filled with excitement and passion. As for your relationships, everything will work out just fine and you’ll feel truly happy at your partner’s side this year! 

3. Ox: A stimulating year!

Ox Chinese zodiac sign

Ox friends, make sure you are securely strapped in and ready for the start of a really fast-paced Year of the Pig. You will make lots of progress in your professional life, and your love life won’t let you down either! As for your social life, your friends will definitely make sure you have a fantastic year.

Chinese astrology: Year of the Pig personality

If you were born in the Year of the Pig, this is what you must know about your personality according to the Chinese zodiac signs.

Male personality:

Men born in Pig years are optimistic and kind. They are very determined and always give their all. They love learning and sharing their knowledge with their loved ones. Men born in the Year of the Pig are very sociable and often have lots of friends.

Female personality:

Women born in the Pig year are very exciting and always have the best ideas. They are very sociable and have a real knack for communication. They are hard workers and are often very creative and organized.

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