What Is My Chinese Element, And How Does It Impact My Life?

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Western astrology is composed of 4 elements which work in harmony alongside each other, and Chinese astrology on the other hand has 5 elements whose energies also complement each other. In this particular sector of astrology, we refer to Wood, Fire, Metal, Water and Earth, and they are each in turn associated to a sign in which they inspire and influence. So, without further ado, let's discover the impact they have on you, your personality and your life path.

What Is My Chinese Element, And How Does It Impact My Life?

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The Five Elements theory is a Chinese philosophy used to describe the interactions and relationships between things. The five elements - wood, fire, earth, metal and water - are considered the fundamental factors in the universe between which interactions occur. Chinese astrology states that personality and luck are determined by both the zodiac sign and the element of the 12-year cycle, while life force is determined by the date and time of birth. 

📍 Food for thought: 📍

Wood feeds Fire, which fertilizes the Earth, which generates Metal, which enriches Water and which in turn nourishes Wood. Each element is connected, contributes to the wellbeing of the others, and influences the personality of your Chinese sign in terms of the nature of its energy.

Which element group does my Chinese sign belong to?

Nothing could be simpler than working out your group. Each element is associated with a number, which is linked to the year of your birth. For example:

  • Your year of birth ends with 0 or 1: you are Metal
  • Your year of birth ends with 2 or 3: you are Water
  • Your year of birth ends with 4 or 5: you are Wood
  • Your year of birth ends with 6 or 7: you are Fire
  • Your year of birth ends with 8 or 9: you are Earth

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The 5 Chinese elements and their influence on us

If your element is Metal ⚙️: 

The Metal agent symbolizes chastity, integrity, rectitude and a certain hardness with others. It is associated with the planet Venus, the number 9 and the color white. These people are very persevering and go to the end of their projects. Far from any ideology, they are realistic and independent. They can be criticized for their lack of flexibility in their judgments.

In three words
Proud, fair, determined
 Associated color
Lucky number
Sensitive point

What you’re like as a person?

It takes energy to make all your desires come true! You put everything in place to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Letting go is out of the question for you! Whatever the situation, you remain true to your values and don't let yourself be influenced in any way. Beware, because tenacity becomes a flaw when it turns into obsession...

At work? 💼

Professionally, you have difficulty delegating, yet it wouldn't hurt. Your somewhat obtuse mind would benefit from opening up, as the confrontation of different ideas would nuance your point of view.

In love? ♥

A repressed romantic, you idealize love but don't admit it for fear of appearing vulnerable... You know how to reveal and highlight your partner's talents. Although, make sure that once you are in the spotlight, your partner doesn't overshadow you too much!

If your element is Water 🌊:

The Water agent symbolizes mystery, and a certain coldness. It is associated with the planet Mercury, the number 6 and the color black. This element shapes introverted, rather shy and fearful people who evolve in a very personal universe and often show a certain attraction towards esotericism. They are often criticized for taking the easy way out in their life path.

In three words
Shy, sensitive, empathetic
 Associated color
Lucky number
Sensitive point

What are you like as a person?

You know how to communicate and build relationships by immediately instilling trust and confidence. What could be more normal for you than listening to others? Very observant, your intuition is never wrong and allows you to know who you are dealing with. If you weren't so shy and insecure, your impulses would be less inhibited!

At work? 💼

Acting in the shadows is more fun than leading a team. Besides, money isn't your driving force. Your ambition is to succeed in life.

In love? ♥

You start out with the belief that you only have one life, and you dedicate yours to those around you. Your family and your partner come first!

If your element is Wood 🪵: 

The Wood element symbolizes creativity, harmony, balance, temperance and everything related to aesthetics. It is associated with the planet Jupiter, the number 8 and the color green. The person who is ruled by this agent has a creative personality and is full of projects. It is also a person who knows how to federate, attract and communicate. 

In three words
Creative, ambitious, warm-hearted
 Associated color
Lucky number
Sensitive point

What are you like as a person?

Taking the initiative? You know how to do it! You're never short of ideas or energy. This incredible motivation can be felt in the way you carry out all your projects. You, presumptuous? No, just ambitious. You know how to surround yourself with good people, and gaining the trust of those who cross your path is child's play because you are very sympathetic.

At work? 💼

Your legendary energy accompanies you to your office! Teams, activities and finances, you manage everything brilliantly.

In love? ♥

Take the time to recharge your batteries with your partner, you won't regret the comforting warmth of their arms... Before leaving again in style!

If your element is Fire 🔥:

The Fire element symbolizes passion, heat, fertility and a certain clairvoyance. It is associated with the planet Mars, the number 7 and the color red. People with Fire as their agent shine with their charisma and self-confidence. Very imaginative, they are appreciated for their great originality. They can be criticized for being too frank and lacking in diplomacy.

In three words
Confident, impatient, charismatic
 Associated color
Lucky number
Sensitive point

What are you like as a person?

Being the fire element, you warm the atmosphere, stimulate energies and know how to keep the flame of desire alive. Animated by a taste for the future and a strong curiosity, you want to see and learn everything. To dominate and to shine are also part of your aspirations, but be careful not to go at things alone. Learn the virtues of humility and remain attentive to your own needs.

At work? 💼

It must be said that you know how to motivate your troops! You know how to make them work harder. Beware of the overconfidence that sometimes leads you to act thoughtlessly, with a touch of selfishness.

In love? ♥

Balance is what shines most in your personality. Favor long-term exchanges. The warmth of love is better than the fire of passion!

If your element is Earth 🌎: 

The Earth element symbolizes abundance, security, realism and prudence. It is associated with the planet Saturn, the number 5 and the color yellow. To be governed by the Earth agent is to be rigorous and voluntary in one's actions. The people concerned know how to reflect, meditate and avoid stressful situations. They can be reproached for being a bit too materialistic.

In three words
Lucid, thoughtful, calm
 Associated color
Lucky number
Sensitive point

What are you like as a person?

Having fun? You don't have time for that. Rigorous and disciplined, your practical sense gets you right to the point. To you, there are no problems, only solutions. You are cautious, and your senses are very sharp... Enough to reach your goals for sure!

At work? 💼

Although your perspicacity serves your material interests, your lack of imagination often tends to limit your field of action. At work and in life, you'd rather play it safe than gamble on luck.

In love? ♥

In a relationship, you always move into familiar territory after testing your partner's feelings. Your relationship will not work without trust, honesty and fidelity. Routine doesn't scare you, on the contrary, you find a lot of comfort in it... But you don't forget to rekindle the spark when it's needed!

Susan Taylor’s insights: An element for each year

Chinese years are also divided into cycles of 10 years each. Each pair of two consecutive years is governed by a cosmogenic element. There are 5 elements in all: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water.

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