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Who Is Your Archangel? Find Yours Using Your Date Of Birth

Although it may seem a little strange and tough to comprehend, we all in fact have an angel who watches over each of us at all times. If you have any problems or doubts, you can turn to your spirit guide and protector in order to make good use of their abilities and capacities. Find out which archangel is protecting you using your date of birth and discover their attributes. Discovering who watches over you will enrich your path and could even reassure you in your choices.

How are the angels organized?

There are 72 angels in total, and they are each organized into 9 choirs of 8 members. The most famous choirs are Seraphim and Cherubim.

There is a hierarchy in the organization of angels:

  1. Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones
  2. Dominations, Virtues and Powers
  3. Principality, Archangels and Angels

Each angel governs 5 days of the year, so your date of birth determines who your guardian angel and archangels are. Discover your guardian angel here and learn thank you prayers for your guardian angel too.

Each angel symbolizes a value, and a strength from which their protégés can benefit from. Although, you can call on any angel and enjoy their powers. You can therefore freely turn to one of the 72 angels to ask for help in their field, or ask them for help in order to protect yourself against a health problem.

Who are the Archangels? Discover our list:

1. Archangel Michael, the "head of the angels".

Designated as "the great prince", Michael has great authority in the spiritual world, under his influence is a whole army of angels. You can summon him to fight against harmful spiritual influences but also ask him to be protected in situations of danger or combat.

2. The Archangel Gabriel, the "messenger".

Gabriel helps those who want to make a fresh start. He guides lost souls towards spirituality and awakening. He also gives creative people a hand when they express themselves through art.

3. The Archangel Metratron, he who lived on Earth

Thanks to his human past, he is able to understand our problems, and can be of great help on a daily basis. He is particularly interested in children and people sensitive to esotericism. As an outstanding spiritual teacher, he masters the two spheres of the universe (material and spiritual) and can transmit a deep knowledge of mysticism.

4. The Archangel Raziel, "God's secret".

To invoke Raziel signifies bringing you luck in games and in love. Moreover, it rewards our acts of kindness; the kinder you are towards others, the more good things will happen to you. He also helps his protégés to develop their psychic abilities and to get rid of negative energies easily.  

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5. Archangel Binael, the representative of justice

This archangel requires study and reflection. He gives us the strength to discover new useful ideas, new people and new horizons. Thanks to him, the mental barriers we have long set for ourselves are finally breaking down.

6. The Hesedel Archangel, bearer of well-being

Filled with kindness, tenderness and love, Hesedel is talented. His spirituality is very enlightened, and he has the ability to create peace around him, enough to make us renounce all that is superfluous.

7. The Archangel Camael, repairer of wounded hearts

He is the archangel of love par excellence. If you ask him, Camael will help you repair low self-esteem or a bruised heart. He teaches compassion and tolerance towards oneself and others. It’s only by fully accepting ourselves that we will be able to project this love towards others.

8. The Archangel Raphael, the Healer

Raphael is known for the healing power he brings to both humans and animals. His powers are not limited to the physical aspect, as he is also able to help in cases of psychological distress. He is also the ally of those who seek the truth.

9.  The Archangel Haniel, the representative of harmony and lightness

Confidence, harmony, ease, gentleness, clear-sightedness and a joyful environment. These are just some of the virtues that Haniel brings into your life. Haniel also brings serenity and ease before a stressful event.

Who is your archangel? Find yours with your date of birth

  • From January 1st to February 9th

This period is placed under the protection of the Archangels, intermediaries between the Divine and the other angels, and under the aegis of Michael; head of the heavenly hosts.

  • From February 10 to March 20

This period is placed under the protection of the Angels whose function is to reveal the supreme truth and under the aegis of the Gabriel, responsible for the Guardian Angels.

  • From March 21 to April 30

This period is placed under the protection of the Seraphim, whose function is to purify all that is not true, and under the aegis of the Metatron, the Supreme Angel.

  • May 1 to June 10

This period is placed under the protection of the Cherubim whose function is to purify all that is not true and under the aegis of the Raziel.

  • From June 11th to July 22nd

This period is placed under the protection of the Thrones, whose function is to help free oneself from material things to rise spiritually and under the aegis of the Binael.

  • From July 23rd to September 2nd

This period is placed under the protection of the Dominations which represent the true spiritual elevation and under the aegis of Hesedel.

  • From September 3rd to October 13th

This period is placed under the protection of the Powers that represent the intellectual force, all that is perfect, and under the aegis of Camael.

  • From 14 October to 22 November

This period is placed under the protection of the Virtues which evoke courage and perseverance and under the aegis of Raphael, the couple's protector.

  • From November 23rd to December 31st

This period is placed under the protection of the Principalities that represent the link between the divine and the human, and under the aegis of Haniel.

What is the difference between an archangel and a guardian angel?

Archangels have a more powerful essence than guardian angels. They supervise and guide the other spirits who are with us on earth. Guardian angels are present wherever we are, whereas archangels can be in more than one place at once. Finally, our guardian angels are there to serve us, the archangels are there to serve everyone, including other protectors.

Which gemstone helps call your spirit guide?

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crystal rock
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Lazulite stone
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Green fluorite



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By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

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