How Long Can Twin Flame Separation Last? And How To Deal With It?

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Twin flames separation is a difficult phase to go through, yet often being apart is a real ordeal for them. It is not easy to find your twin flame, and some people will spend their whole lives looking for them, whereas those who meet their perfect other half will have to go through a separation stage. The question is, how can we get through this painful period and therefore find your perfect other half?

How Long Can Twin Flame Separation Last? And How To Deal With It?

What happens during a twin flame separation?

The meeting of two twin flames can be compared to an awakening. However, as overwhelming as this meeting is, it is also testing and will inevitably lead to a separation. Indeed, this type of love is powerful, since it comes from afar, but twin souls have wounds to settle on Earth. To meet your twin soul is also to meet your true half and therefore your opposite. Yes, between two twin flames, the connection is immediate, but the harmony is not simple, one being yang and the other yin.

>>> Yin and Yang: meaning and history of this symbol☯️

Eventually, the intensity of the relationship brings will push the partners apart and lead to their separation. When we meet our twin flame, our emotions and sensations are more intense, but above all, old wounds are reawakened (the fear of being abandoned, rejected, the fear of being betrayed, etc.) Separated before coming to Earth, twin flames must necessarily experience a separation in order to experience self-love and reunite again. This separation allows each of them to repair their wounds and learn to live independently.

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Healing to find yourself

The separation will surely be down to the yin personality (which is also known as the runner), the person who is more passive and more elusive. It is then the yang personality (the chaser) who will of course be the most affected by this separation. It is the yang partner who must do the healing work first:

  • heal their wounds
  • appease their ego
  • be at peace with themselves and learn to love themselves
  • increase their vibratory rate
  • learn to live alone

While the yang heals the wounds deep within their soul and learns to live without emotional dependence, but alone, then little by little the yin partner will feel the energies of their partner fade away. This is the moment when yin begins their healing work. Eventually, the two twin flames learn to live independently away from each other and will then be able to reunite.

💔 How long can twin flames be apart? The answer is… Several years.

Moving towards the reunion

The period of separation is a period of darkness and intense pain for twin flames, and especially for the chaser. However, this period of separation is also a beneficial time that will strengthen each of the twin flames so that they can also become stronger together.

Separation allows you to heal your wounds. It is a trial that will allow you to calm down and to do a necessary work on yourself. This suffering is not useless and will allow the Universe to reunite the twin flames.

👼 Your guardian angel is a necessary support during this period of separation.

The twin flame: Your true other half

Twin flames are your true half. Originally, they are two identical souls who have been separated and who meet again on Earth. This first separation creates wounds in the soul that the future separation will help to repair. These twin flames attract each other like magnets, but do not live a simple relationship, because they are certainly equal but also opposed.

Twin flame separation ending signs 

Although twin flames may opt to take separate routes for a time, they will always find their way back to each other. Here are the signs these soulmates are set to come back together;

1. You have had dreams, visions, or energetic relationships, of reunion in this lifetime.

Or, have you discovered that you have met your energetic twin in another unusual way? Some people say that when they look into the eyes of their twin flame, they have felt a supernatural love.

2. After meeting your partner, you felt at home, as if you had rediscovered a familiar but long-lost energy.

After the reunion, you have "memories" of other times and places with this person that are not part of your current life.

3. Your partner reflects on your problems, concerns, and shortcomings, but you also complement each other's skills, talents, and abilities.

Together you are the complete fusion of yin yang, runner, and chaser.

4. One of the signs of a twin flame reunion is that at least one partner has a higher frequency.

Perhaps he or she is indigo, crystal soul, or the first wave of space volunteers. They incarnated on Earth to raise the vibratory level of our world so that the souls who have lived on Earth for a long time would get stuck in karma and forget their mission not to destroy the planet.

5. Twin flames can be of different ages, of one sex or the other, of different origins and backgrounds, and of "opposite" religions or cultures.

But you feel an incredible unity or sense of inseparability with your partner.

6. You feel each other's symptoms, illnesses, and emotions even when you are not there or not communicating.

The connection you feel will grow more intense when you prepare to find each other.

Can twin flames forget each other?

Although the idea of twin flames suggests a deep, eternal connection between two souls, the reality can be more complex. Twin flames are often described as souls who share an extremely strong and deep connection, but this doesn't necessarily mean they can never forget each other.

Twin flames can go through phases of separation or distance, whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually. During these periods, memories of connection and shared love can seem to fade, especially if challenges and obstacles make the relationship difficult to maintain. Factors such as free will, individual choices, and life circumstances can influence how twin flames connect or separate.

The editor's opinion: Good things come from separation

Now you know, if you are separated from your twin flame, it is time to focus on yourself and heal your wounds. You may be hurting a lot, but know that you will eventually find each other. In the meantime, if you need support and guidance, don't hesitate to turn to one of our psychics who will be able to enlighten you and offer you spiritual guidance. They will bring you a clear vision of your future and the keys to help move forward more serenely.

The future is mine!

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