Everything You Need To Know About Twin Flame Separation

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Twin flames separation is a difficult phase to go through, yet often being apart is a real ordeal for them. It is not easy to find your twin flame, and some people will spend their whole lives looking for them, whereas those who meet their perfect other half will have to go through a separation stage. The question is, how can we get through this painful period and therefore find your perfect other half? Susan Taylor reveals everything you need to know about this heartbreaking phase of your love story. 💔

Everything You Need To Know About Twin Flame Separation

What happens during a twin flame separation?

Twin flames often separate. This separation comes after the honeymoon period, when the spiritual work of repair has begun. Love will be tested and tested again, tapping into and repairing our deepest flaws 😢. The intensity of this consciousness-raising work may frighten one of the two flames, which will then flee to avoid having to confront its own flaws. This is a sign that it was not ready to evolve with its mirror soul. What's also true is that the vast majority of flames eventually find each other again, after weeks or years of separation.

Eventually, the intensity of the relationship brings will push the partners apart and lead to their separation. When we meet our twin flame, our emotions and sensations are more intense, but above all, old wounds are reawakened (the fear of being abandoned, rejected, the fear of being betrayed, etc.) Separated before coming to Earth, twin flames must necessarily experience a separation in order to experience self-love and reunite again. This separation allows each of them to repair their wounds and learn to live independently.

5 Reasons why twin flames separate 💔

This is why these seemingly perfect souls often walk away from each other for a certain period of time.

1. The synchronicity isn't perfect

Most first encounters are a point of contact, followed by a necessary separation. One of the two flames is not ready for this meeting. This is the "runner" flame, while the other person is the "chaser". Fleeing is one of the possibilities, because the vibratory intensity may frighten one of the partners. The very idea of having a twin soul can be frightening, since it's about sharing who you are without reservation.

2. More work needs to be done on oneself

This is the most obvious reason. The union of twin flames must take place at a very high vibratory level. A frequency of wisdom. When the meeting comes too soon, it means that there hasn't been enough time to open our consciousness and work on ourselves.

3. Lack of self-love damages the twin flame relationship

When the fear of losing the other takes over, attachment is created. Attachment is a desire for ego, to possess, to consider that without the other person physically by your side, you're not complete. It is often the expression of a lack of self-love. An emotional wound that has managed to express itself again. Twin flames don't have to be perfect to meet, but they do have to have been on a path that makes them feel "complete" on their own. Self-love is the necessary energy. Even if we have to admit that it's not always easy to love ourselves unconditionally... ;we can make progress every day, one minute at a time... a few small changes are enough to start a new habit. And we'll love the other person because he's him. Not because they're indispensable.

4. Spiritual or emotional immaturity

Runners often lack maturity in relation to their mirror soul. If one of the two flames has done deep work, found meaning and made peace with itself... and the other is just starting out, then the relationship will be difficult and may lead to separation. Beware, too, of self-sabotage, typical runner behavior.

5. Unrepaired karmic ties

Twin flames evolve as a duo over several reincarnations, accumulating karmic debts. Together, they progress, teaching each other what they have learned in their present or past lives. When karmic ties are not repaired, the union of souls is difficult if not impossible. It's as if spiritual communication has been cut off for the time needed to repair it.

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💡 - FAQ - 💡

How do twin flames feel when separated, and how do they get over it?

Separation causes intense emotional upheaval. Here, you may be plunged into what is known as the dark night of the soul, also known as the bottomless abyss into which the person sinks inexorably. You may sink into a pit of complete and utter incomprehension and suffering about what's going on with their twin flame. This isn't low spirits or depression, it's something else, a mutation of one's inner self. During the separation, which can last from several months to several years, there are brief moments of reunion. This "dance of the flames" can accelerate or reactivate the work for both of them. Until the work on them is complete, these meetings always end in separation. The ultimate reunion is often sought by the runner who no longer flees, and when the chaser is self-sufficient, healed of his wound of abandonment.

Twin flame separation ending signs - You are about to reunite if...💑

Although twin flames may opt to take separate routes for a time, they will always find their way back to each other. Here are the signs these soulmates are set to come back together;

1. You have had dreams, visions, or energetic relationships, of reunion in this lifetime

Or, have you discovered that you have met your energetic twin in another unusual way? Some people say that when they look into the eyes of their twin flame, they have felt a supernatural love.

2. After meeting your partner, you felt at home, as if you had rediscovered a familiar but long-lost energy

After the reunion, you have "memories" of other times and places with this person that are not part of your current life.

3. Your partner reflects on your problems, concerns, and shortcomings, but you also complement each other's skills, talents, and abilities

Together you are the complete fusion of yin yang, runner, and chaser.

4. One of the signs of a twin flame reunion is that at least one partner has a higher frequency

Perhaps he or she is indigo, crystal soul, or the first wave of space volunteers. They incarnated on Earth to raise the vibratory level of our world so that the souls who have lived on Earth for a long time would get stuck in karma and forget their mission not to destroy the planet.

5. Twin flames can be of different ages, of one sex or the other, of different origins and backgrounds, and of "opposite" religions or cultures

But you feel an incredible unity or sense of inseparability with your partner.

6. You feel each other's symptoms, illnesses, and emotions even when you are not there or not communicating

The connection you feel will grow more intense when you prepare to find each other.

Can twin flames forget each other?

Although the idea of twin flames suggests a deep, eternal connection between two souls, the reality can be more complex. Twin flames are often described as souls who share an extremely strong and deep connection, but this doesn't necessarily mean they can never forget each other.

Twin flames can go through phases of separation or distance, whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually. During these periods, memories of connection and shared love can seem to fade, especially if challenges and obstacles make the relationship difficult to maintain. Factors such as free will, individual choices, and life circumstances can influence how twin flames connect or separate.

The editor's opinion: Good things come from separation

Now you know if you are separated from your twin flame, it is time to focus on yourself and heal your wounds. You may be hurting a lot, but know that you will eventually find each other. In the meantime, if you need support and guidance, don't hesitate to turn to one of our psychics who will be able to enlighten you and offer you spiritual guidance. They will bring you a clear vision of your future and the keys to help move forward more serenely.

The future is mine!

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