Dreams Of Angels: What Do They Mean Spiritually?

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Angels are all around us, but sometimes we also come across them when we drift off to sleep too. These types of dreams are fairly common, and seeing these higher powers in your slumber means they represent symbols of protection. Now, dreams of angels are always a good sign, but what does it mean for us spiritually?

Dreams Of Angels: What Do They Mean Spiritually?

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Dream of an angel meaning

Angels are the ones who guide and protect us. Our guardian angel is there to comfort and guide us whenever we need it. Angels are of benevolent nature, and their presence in a dream is a sign of your need for protection and support. If you are going through a troubled time, a dream about an angel is a way to calm you down, and it’s also a way of reassuring you that you are capable of meeting the challenge. Your angel is also the one who comes in a dream to help us keep hope. Now, to dream that you yourself are an angel indicates that you have wounds, often past ones, to heal.

  • 1) The first interpretation of the angel dream:

The angel dream is often a prophecy. Listen to the message they seek to convey to you, a close inheritance is possible. If these angels sing praises, you can expect to experience great joys and prosperity soon.

  • 2) The second interpretation of dreams of angels:

If the angel is dressed in light or white, it is the announcement of a prodigious fortune. But, if there are several angels, you must, to be happy, make many reforms to your conduct and your way of thinking.

  • 3) Third meaning:

To dream of a guardian angel and to see him flying towards your house, predicts that your wealth will increase.

  • 4) Fourth interpretation:

To see a guardian angel is a good omen, but if you talk to him, it means that you are not ready for a spiritual elevation.

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The color of the angel in your dream changes the meaning

The color of the angel you see in your dream can tell you a little more about its meaning. In fact, the meaning of colors brings clarification.

  • If you dream of white angels

With white angels, we immediately think of purity, but it is also a symbol of peace. In dreams, white angels are there to bring you the peace you need after a conflict. It is also a message that the help you need will come soon.

  • A dream of a black angel

Dream of a black angel

Dreaming of a black angel: Is it a good or bad omen?

In a dream, an angel all in black is often a warning. It is possible that you will soon be confronted with difficulties, but they will be mostly internal. For example, your self-confidence may decrease, you may feel sad or depressed. Your negative emotions are repressed, try to express them.

  • Dreaming of an angel with a colorful outfit

If in your dream, the angel or angels are wearing colorful clothes, it is time for you to take a bite out of life. Luck will finally shine down on you.

Dreaming of an angel flying away indicates the path to spirituality

The angel also represents the child within us, our angelic part. To see an angel flying away in a dream is also a sign of evolution. We do not necessarily lose our childhood innocence, but this dream invites us to go towards a greater and deeper spirituality. Moreover, if during this dream the angel speaks to you, it is because you are fully aware that your life lacks spirituality. The angel is there to guide you, especially if he holds your hands.

Dream of angel wings: The transformation

Angel wings

The wings of the angel are a message: Take flight!

Sometimes in our dreams, we do not perceive the angel in its entirety, but simply its wings. Generally speaking, the wings are a symbol of freedom and letting go. When it comes to angel wings, it's a sign that a transformation is taking place within us. We may not be in control of it, but it is a positive transformation. We are going beyond our original nature to rise.

Finally, it is reassuring to note that angels arrive in our life by different means, including our dreams. In any case, rest assured, whether they send you a message during the day, or occupy your subconscious during your nights, the angels always aim to support you, protect you and guide you towards a better path.

Susan Taylor’s insights: The wider context

In conclusion, dreaming of an angel is usually a good sign, but the messages sent are not only for the dreamer. In fact, the angel may give you advice that you need to reach out to others. You need to think about how you can contribute to someone's happiness. No matter how difficult it may seem, once you get started, the celestial powers will step in and give you the boost you need to succeed in your efforts.

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