How To Understand The Spiritual Meaning Of Your Dreams In 5 Steps

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Dreams are real messages that our unconscious sends us when we are asleep. Even if they are difficult to understand, it truly is essential to analyze them in order to unravel the messages we need to take into account. In order to better face certain situations, discover how to interpret your dreams and what they reveal for your past, current situation and future. Thanks to our tips, your night adventures will no longer hold any secrets for you.

How To Understand The Spiritual Meaning Of Your Dreams In 5 Steps

How to interpret your dreams

The meaning of a dream should never be interpreted at face value. For example, when you dream that you are driving, and you have an accident, it is not a premonition or an intuition of an accident to come. The symbolic meaning is that one is behaving in a risky and dangerous way in life, and that the directions one has taken on a personal level, in love or in work are not without obstacles or difficulties.

In the same way, a positive dream in which one sees oneself rewarded with an honorary title or a medal, does not mean that this will happen to one. The symbolic meaning of this dream is a positive compensation to enhance our sense of worth. It is a dream that brings us a gain in our self-esteem, contrary to nightmares, which often have a negative dimension.

To understand your dreams, you must know that everything that happens in your dream represents conscious and unconscious aspects that are played out in your mind. Therefore, all the people, places and actions that take place in your dream concern you. It is your inner theater and even when people around you appear, they are representations of certain aspects of the world around you and not them in reality. So everything that happens in the dream is about you.

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Understand what your dreams mean with these 5 steps:

1. Record your visions or write them down

As soon as you get up you’ll no doubt have trouble remembering your dreams and this is perfectly normal, so place a notebook and a pen next to your bed and write down your dream in detail.

2. Identify recurring elements

Very often, certain elements tend to come back several times in dreams. Note precisely the things or individuals that keep coming back in your dreams.

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3. Focus on the positive emotions

How did you feel when you woke up? If you felt a deep sense of relaxation, write down your emotions and if possible, note the causes of your happiness (success in your dream, a happy event etc...).

4. Give negative emotions some thoughts too

Sometimes dreams are so intense that it’s possible to wake up crying, feeling anxious, or stressed to the point that the discomfort lasts all day. Sometimes you can also be angry with someone for no reason... Note these feelings as well.

5. The importance of detail

Write down the details that standout in your dreams because even if they may seem small, they may try to get a message across to you.

If you are facing a stressful situation, or you’re anxious or have an important decision to make, you will quickly notice the strangeness of your dreams... Through your dream and their symbols, your unconscious will show you the path to follow, by deciphering your dreams you will be able to move in the right direction.

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