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What Does it Mean if I Dream About My Ex?

You’re separated, maybe both of you have started a new life and are moving on... then it happens: your ex shows up in your dreams! Dreaming of your ex may often be troubling, why has our subconscious decided to bring back forgotten memories? What does it mean? Reassure yourself that it’s just a normal dream and, no, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to get back with them!

This morning you woke up in a bad mood, and for good reason! You dreamt about your ex, which was honestly something you never wanted to do again. What kind of strange message is your subconscious trying to tell you to do? Do you want to get back with your ex? Discover what the teeth falling out dream means.

What Does it Mean if I Dream About My Ex?

Reassure yourself that dreaming about your ex, even if it was sexual, is one of the most common dreams to have. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to get back with your former flame or that you aren’t satisfied in your current relationship.

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Your unconscious mind may be pointing a finger at those things that are at stake from this past relationship, the causes of the break up and the lessons learnt so that you won’t make the same mistakes twice. It’s a warning sent by your subconscious, this dream must be taken as a caution.

It also could be because of frustration if you’ve not been sexually active for a long time, your unconscious mind is looking to satisfy your libido through your dreams.

How to interpret your dream about your ex?

Dreaming about your ex is such a common dream that it’s necessary to go a step further in order to gain a more personal interpretation, ask yourself these questions;

•    Did you recently break up?

•    Would you like to get back together with your ex?

•    Have you rebuilt your life somewhere new?

•    Was your relationship with your ex good or bad?

•    What were the circumstances in the dream? What were you doing?

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