What Does A Cat Mean In A Dream Spiritually? - A Powerful Message

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The cat is a mysterious and almost mystical animal. According to the fruit of many legends throughout the world, seeing a cat or dreaming of one is never just a simple coincidence, because there is always a hidden message behind its appearance 🐈. These kinds of experiences do in fact contain strong symbolism and meanings, which are often linked to our most intimate desires.

What Does A Cat Mean In A Dream Spiritually? - A Powerful Message

Cats are so much a part of our daily lives that when they enter our dreams, we often make the mistake of underestimating them. However, dreaming of a cat has a strong meaning and is more often than not the representation of our sexual desires.

How can you interpret your dream of a cat? - The spiritual meaning depends on the scenario

With the pandemic that has disrupted our daily lives, we all have more dreams and including more visions of cats, but why? Well, that’s because we are at home more than ever before.

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What do cats symbolize in dreams? - A cat is the symbol of home

Symbolically, the cat is associated with the house. It is the guardian of the harmony of any place, but more widely, it also represents our interior, our hidden feelings and what makes us mysterious.

If you dream of cats, it's a message to listen to your desires

When you see a cat in your dream, when this cat sleeps near you, when it wanders around your home, calm and silent, it means that you need more peace of mind. You must be more open to your desires, whatever they may be. Don't be afraid of what's going on inside you. Feel things fully and have faith that nothing bad will happen to you. If in your dream, the cat is purring and/or enjoying your caresses, you must explore your buried desires. Underneath this, you crave sensuality, or are even attracted to someone, so whatever happens, do not doubt your power of seduction and seek the pleasure you want.

If you are dreaming of an aggressive cat, jealousy is in the air!

If in a dream a cat scratches us, or even bites us, it means that you will have to consider a reconciliation. Either a reconciliation with yourself, because there are feelings that you refuse to admit and certain aspects of yourself that you do not like. But it is also possible that this dream means that there is resentment towards you, a form of jealousy that is a source of negative attitudes and bad vibes. Look for those around you who are resentful of you and try to approach them with a calm dialogue.

Be careful, however, if during your dream a cat scratches you, and you see precisely this scratch, because it may be the sign of an infidelity in love or friendship.

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Dreaming of a black or white cat

Depending on the color of the cat, the meaning is also different. You are probably aware of the many superstitions about black cats, which include them bringing misfortune and bad luck to those who see them. To see one in a dream is a bad sign or the announcement of a betrayal. But some people interpret the dream of a black cat as the revelation of a gift of clairvoyance or a connection with the world of mediums. The white cat, on the other hand, sheds light on a need for protection felt by the dreamer. A need for protection, accentuated by the fact that the white cat is also a harbinger of danger to come.

Finally, if the orange cat has a very positive meaning and symbolism, seeing it in a dream is often very ambiguous. It can indicate a desire for improvement in your relationships, but also a promise of disappointment.

What about if the cat meows, is dead, or is killed?

Cat dreams are all as diverse as this animal is, and so there are plenty of interpretations:

  • If you dream of a cat meowing, it is a sign that an event is coming and will be inevitable.
  • If in your dream a cat is dead, like all dreams of dead people and things, it is a good omen: a victory is coming, both in the professional and sentimental field.
  • And if it is you who kills a cat, the symbolism is positive: you will soon gain the upper hand over your enemies or those who are not on your side.
  • Finally, if it's a kitten you see in your dream, it means that you need more independence, but you're afraid that it will take you away from the tenderness and love that you need so much.

Whether you're a dog person or a cat person, you now know that when a cat enters your dreams, it's an important sign that you shouldn't ignore.

Susan Taylor’s insights: The Universe speaks to us

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