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The Types of Feathers and Meanings: A Message From The Angels

Feathers might seem like a pretty mundane part of nature, although it's a little-known fact that they have a strong bond with the heavens. In fact, our guardian angels scatter feathers as a way of responding to the questions that deeply trouble us. According to the feather’s color and the type of bird from which it came, we can work out exactly what this angelic message means. Susan Taylor explains the significations of each type here.

If you’re wondering how to reach out to your guardian angel, then look no further than the feathers that have been sent your way. If you do come across a feather then it’s most likely that you have questions that need answering about your career, your health, or your love life, for example, so thank the angel for their message and take care of the feather they’ve sent you.

Feathers and Guardian Angels: What does each color mean?

Just like Angel Numbers, feathers can be used to communicate with the heavens. The feather’s color and type are absolutely crucial as it helps us determine the nature of the message that your angel is attempting to send you. To most people, birds and feathers are simply another part of nature, but there's so much more to them than meets the eye. We have compiled a list of fourteen feather types for you to see below- it’s now up to you to discover what your feather means.

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Click on the feather that you've seen to work out the meaning of your angelic message. 

Purple feather meaning: Prepare for a spiritual awakening
White feather meaningWhite feather meaning: Your angel is watching over you
Brown feather meaning Brown feather meaning: Good health and tranquility

Grey feather meaning

Gray feather meaning: Peace and harmony are on their way

Black feather meaning

Black feather meaning: You'll feel better very soon

Blue feather meaning

Blue feather meaning: More spirituality in your life than ever

Yellow feather meaning

Yellow feather meaning: Everything will be alright in the end

Orange feather meaningOrange feather meaning: Your creativity will flow through
Pink feather meaning Pink feather meaning: Love and happiness on the horizon

Red feather meaning Red feather: Love and seduction are coming your way
Green feather meaningGreen feather meaning: Luck will surely be on your side
Brown and white feather meaningBrown and white feather meaning: Happiness is fast approaching
Black and white feather meaningWhite and black feather meaning: Hope and balance 
Red and green feather meaning Greenish red feather meaning: Your finances are set to improve

Pigeon feather meaningPigeon feather meaning: All is not lost, don't give up

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White feather: Your angel is watching over you

If you come across a white feather, then it indicates your angel is by your side and listening to the prayers that you so desperately need answering. What’s more, if you happen to see a small white feather then it suggests that you’re also being watched over by a loved one who has passed away. Finding a feather of this color is a message urging you to keep your faith and to know that no matter what happens, there is someone up above that has your back.

Brown feather: Good health and tranquility

Peacefulness is set to make a return to your life if you happen to see a brown feather. It’s this feather that suggests stability and balance, and that there’ll soon be a time where you’ll find harmony between the physical and the spiritual world. Your angel is communicating to you that whilst things might be unsettled right now, stability and strength will soon be restored.

Gray feather: Peace will come

On finding a gray feather, you should expect peace to be restored to your life. Gray is a neutral color and therefore, demonstrates that the answer to your question is far more complex than a simple black or white response. Your life might be a little frantic at the moment so it’s during this time that you must place your trust in your angel and their ability to resolve the difficulties that are holding you down.

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Black feather: You’ll soon feel better

You’ll often come across a black feather if you're sorrowful or if you’ve lost your way. Fortunately, the black of the feather represents the negative energies that currently cloud your mind, so it's a way for your angel to show that they hear your misery and will do everything in their power to put a smile back on your face. It’s a reminder that whilst times might be tough, you have the strength and the wisdom to overcome any hardship that comes your way.

Blue feather: More spiritual than ever

Seeing a blue feather symbolizes the spirituality that is soon to take priority for you. Calmness and peaceful energy will consume you and you’ll be filled with a newfound desire to listen intensely before you speak. Your psychic abilities are slowly being unlocked, and you’ll soon be fascinated by the thought of communicating with your angel. Perhaps it's time to give praying and meditation a go.

Yellow feather: Everything will be alright

Be proud of yourself if you happen to see a yellow feather. You might feel like things are a little uncertain but the sight of this feather will assure you that you’re on the right track and that you’ll soon be rewarded. It’s an angelic reminder to stay light-hearted and cheerful in even the hardest of times, and to be thankful for the good in your life. If you keep your spirits high, then life will undoubtedly treat you well.

Orange feather: Your creativity will flow

An orange feather is a sign that you’re more creative than ever at the moment, and so you must channel this creativity into overcoming the obstacles that have held you back lately. They’re a message from your guardian angel to listen to your inner voice and think in ways that you’ve never thought before so as to reach goals that you’ve always considered unreachable.

Purple feather: Prepare for a spiritual awakening

In being such a spiritual color, purple feathers are used by angels as a way to urge your spiritual growth. There's something plaguing your mind, so if you want to hit new heights then you'll need to open up about what's troubling you. On clearing your mind, you'll be gifted with a newfound spirituality that will aid your observation of the links between body, mind, and soul that you'll never have seen before.

Pink feather: Love and happiness

Coming across a pink feather suggests that a big surprise is awaiting you in your love life. The pink feather is a symbol of unconditional love, and is an angelic reminder to look to love when times are uncertain. It remains to be seen whether this feather implies a pregnancy, proposal, or that a new love is on its way, but if there’s one thing that's certain, it’s that you’ll be filled with joy as a result.

Red feather: Love and seduction

With a red feather, prepare to be overcome by love in your life. Red symbolizes passion and lust, so if you happen to see a feather of this color then you should prepare yourself for a romantic encounter or passionate exchange. The sight of a red feather indicates that you’ll be more confident and attuned than ever, so it’s a time that your art of seduction will do nothing less than thrive.

Green feather: Luck will surely be on your side

A green feather signifies that if there’s one thing you won’t be missing, it’s luck! The green of the feather implies fertility and fortune, which suggests that you'll come into a large sum of money or will see everything fall into place in your love life. What's more, if a loved one has ill health then it could be a sign that they'll recover and get back on their feet very soon.

Brown and white feather: Happiness is fast approaching

Seeing a brown and white feather suggests that times of happiness are fast approaching. However, it’s important to know that it won’t be easy, and you must go through hardship to reach the good times at the other end. If you’re patient and keep your eyes fixed firmly on success then your angel has no doubt that you’ll quickly reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

Black and white feather: Hope and balance

You might be losing faith, but this feather promises that not all is lost. Receiving a feather of this color suggests that a huge change is on its way. There's something from your past that is holding you back at the moment, so it's up to you to let it go and transform your perspective. It might feel like things are taking a turn for the worse, but it’s a sign from the angelic that you will be protected and balance will soon be restored in your life.

Greenish red peacock feather: Your finances are set to improve

Seeing a red and green pigeon feather indicates that you’ll receive some news on your finances in the near future. It might come as a complete surprise, but this feather hails the arrival of a large sum of money. The extravagance and glamor of a peacock feather implies great prosperity, so if you see a feather of this kind then expect to receive a fortune in the near future.

Gray-black pigeon feather: All is not lost

If you come across a pigeon feather then it’s most likely that you’re going through a difficult time. In being a feather that often represents family, it’s an angelic message urging you to call on your nearest and dearest to get through hardship. Your angel wants you to know that all is not lost and that as long as you surround yourself with the love of your family, happier times will be waiting for you on the other side.  

Astrologist Susan Taylor

Astrologist Susan Taylor's insights:

'Feathers indicate the presence of Angels bringing us either an important message about them being here to protect us or a response to reassure us about our requests.
Whenever you find a feather, ask yourself what you were thinking about when you found it. If for example you have been in deep questioning lately, this may act as a sign and affirmation. If you find one, pick it up, give thanks and you take it home with you.'

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By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

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