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Predict the Future with Premonitions in Your Dreams

Have you ever woken up in the morning and had the feeling that during your sleep you experienced something amazing, magical and dramatic? Have you ever woken up feeling really happy or covered in sweat… It makes you question if your dreams was real and what it means!

Certain people have been confronted by a specific situation or moment and have affirmed that they have already experienced this moment, be it the same place, people or circumstances. Often the event has already happened – but in a dream. In this way dreams can be used as a tool to see the future. 

What should you do if you experience a premonition in the form of a dream? How should you explore it to ensure you can get the most of your experience? Will it change your future? Should you change your life, your work and your friends?

What is a premonition dream?

It is when a something reveals itself to the conscience of an individual. The premonition can sometimes come very abruptly and interrupt you daily life. Often a dream that is a premonition is trying to warn you of something that is coming in the future and could have a negative effect on your life. Often short and clear, a premonition dream is fighting against the idea of not having control of our own body. We receive a strong and precise vision of and act or a situation that is likely to come about in the future.

This situation is not as rare as it sounds. Many people testimony to having seen the future in their sleep at least once in their life.

When am I most likely to have a premonition?

It seems that premonitions are more often when someone is physically and morally very tired, they’ve been worn down by the environment they’re living in and are always preoccupied.

The importance of premonitions in the form of dreams varies according to the moon’s phases: the moon is known for how it can affect humans. It seems that periods of full moon are the most likely times for people to experience premonitions. They often have erotic or sexual connotations and a feeling of well-being in the dream – the can also be the exact opposite though!

According to belief, certain rituals before going to sleep can facilitate our ability to have a premonition dream. One of the most popular methods is on the evening of the Full Moon, to hold a white rose up to the Moon and say “reveal my clairvoyance gift!” whilst wearing a rose on their front. The ritual finishes by saying “by the power of this ritual”. Before going to bed, the rose is placed under the pillow which is the final step in increasing your chances of a premonition during your sleep.

How important are dreams?

Sigmund Freud, the founding father of psychoanalysis who’s theories are still being taught around the world, believed dreams to be the royal road to the unconscious. Whilst someone may be unaware of their conscious desire because it is too shocking, the desire may be fulfilled by their unconscious mind during sleep.
Freud created a method of interpretation used to this day by a large number of psychotherapists. Many of them think dreams are of huge importance and can often be used to decrypt behavioural problems or problems with sleep and general anxiety.

By taking an interest in your dreams and what they’re telling you therefore can offer you an insight into what is going on in your unconscious mind.

How can clairvoyance help us?

How can we trust dreams to tell us what is going to happen in the future if it does not tell us when it is going to happen? Can you avoid the outcome of a premonition? Do you have the gift of being able to see what will happen in the future?

Our experts are capable of understanding the future so that there is nothing that comes to you unexpected (the place of time of something negative coming to you). Through examining your dreams they can understand better your desires and therefore using their gifts of clairvoyance can help steer you in the direction you would like your future to take.

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