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Confirm and Develop Your Clairvoyance Gift

If you experience certain feelings which lead you to believe you have a clairvoyance gift, then there is no need for you to panic. Thanks to our informative breakdown of the gift, you’ll be able to confirm whether or not you are one of the chosen ones, without exceeding your limits.

Do you ever experience feelings which link you to specific places or people? If you do, this could well be a sign of a clairvoyance gift. According to our very own clairvoyants, the discovery of such a gift can be a frightening and unsettling experience, so to help you through, we have created some useful tips about confirming and fine tuning your powers.

If you think you possess the gift of clairvoyance or any other rare exceptional powers, here are 3 tips to confirm and further your special abilities.

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Confirm and Develop Your Clairvoyance Gift in 3 Steps

1) Practice makes perfect

The only truly reliable way to confirm your gift is to practice. In the book, ‘The practice of clairvoyance’, Maud Kristen advises asking your friends to test your gift by sealing pictures or messages in envelopes, Kristen says animals are a great way of testing your talent. If the image is of an elephant for example, and you are able to deduce that the picture is of something big, grey and rough, then you are half way there! This is a great method to help confirm your gift!

2) Asking clear and simple questions

Start with simple questions to which you would be able to respond with a yes or no answer. Soak up the questions and reply without too much reflection, don’t try to interpret things at this stage.

3) Choose your method

Choose the method which attracts you the most, trust the little voices in your head and follow your intuition. Once you have chosen a method which works for you, learn how to take full advantage of it, there really are endless possibilities with this gift!

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