How Do I Know Who My Real Twin Flame Is? - 6 Signs

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You’ve probably heard people talking about soulmates before, but are you familiar with the term 'twin flame'? Well, twin flames are much deeper than regular soulmates and are in fact two different people who are said to share the same soul. Once each flame or person is ready, they’ll cross each other's path and will be lucky enough to experience an extraordinary love story. This obvious and fascinating connection defies the notion of time and limits. Now, thanks to these 6 signs below, you will immediately be able to recognize the person destined for you.

How Do I Know Who My Real Twin Flame Is? - 6 Signs

Twin flame definition - What does it mean?

Twin flames are born from the birth of a single flame, at the same time and in the same way, unlike soulmates, who are born separately. Once created, the flame splits to embody two beings each possessing their own personality, but above all complementary energies: one yin, and the other yang. During this split, an original wound is energetically created in each soul. Therefore, when they eventually find each other, they instantly hit it off and complete each other.

What are the signs of a twin flame? - 6 Signs you’ve found yours

A love encounter between two twin flames can take place in any form; in a café, at a party, or even thanks to a dating app... This concept has existed since the dawn of time, and the Universe has helped perfectly adapted these love stories to the modern world. Although the settings may vary, there are common points between all encounters of this type. 

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1. You’ve recently experienced big changes

No one meets their twin flame without having experienced radical change. One must be ready to live this unusual encounter to the fullest. A change of situation and growing in awareness can be part of the changes in the buildup to meeting your match. You’ll only meet your perfect match if you step out of your comfort zone and have acquired a certain level of maturity.

2. You lose all sense of time

In the presence of your perfect partner, you no longer have any notion of time, it’s as if it were passing at breakneck speed or even as if it had suddenly stopped. When you are with them, you perhaps feel unearthly and disconnected from reality. The two of you could be standing there chatting for hours! These feelings will surface from the moment of your meeting and throughout your relationship. Only perfect matches can feel it.

Astrologist Susan Taylor

Astrologist Susan Taylor's insights:

'Twin flames are always connected through their souls and by a love that is purer than any other. Meeting your perfect other half is an encounter that brings about a profound transformation, and it could even put your ego to the test.

These lovers have been kept apart and their souls still bear the wound of the original separation. This separation has generated great suffering, which is re-actualized when they meet in order to be healed. It is a call to true love, to unconditional love.'

3. Your soul recognizes theirs

When they meet, it's called soul recognition. It’s much more than the feeling of having always known your partner, but the sentiment of meeting someone special and unique. Emotions are conveyed with your eyes. You plunge your eyes into theirs, and this intense look will help you instantly identify your twin.

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4. Your energy gels together

Being around each other will help complete you. You will probably feel more spontaneous and your partner more confident. Both parties feel a strong attraction and its perfectly complementary. In fact, each of the partners has exactly what the other lacks. If since our childhood we lacked something, our twin soul comes to fill this void and breaks all our barriers.

5. You recognize yourself at all levels

Once the foundations of the relationship are laid, you will know that you are in the presence of your partner if you recognize yourself on all levels. In their presence, your personality should remain unchanged, and your way of being and speaking should remain spontaneous.

Hands couple

Twin soulmates have experienced troubles in previous lives and are sent to Earth to heal them. If each of you find yourselves in each other's cracks, no doubt about it, you are meant to move forward together.

6. Your feelings are deeper than ever before

This sixth and final step is both the simplest and most important. When you are faced with your identical soul, you will be intimately convinced that you’ve found the one. This will be pure intuition, so don't waste your time looking for explanations and just trust yourself. If you need an outsider’s opinion to confirm your feelings, then you haven’t found your twin flame.

Can twin flames be together?

Twin flames can have a happy and healthy union, provided that each of them is able to love themselves. This love must be sincere and unconditional, otherwise you will always be tempted to reject your twin soul. In fact, your twin flame can be a friend, a lover or a teacher. In short, they act as the sun to your moon and the light to your darkness. These perfect souls are also mirrors in the sense that they project to you the image of your fears and dark thoughts, but also of your inner beauty and strength. However, that’s not to say that they won’t experience time apart. Indeed, twin flames often separate because of the intensity of the union.

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Twin flame vs soulmate; what’s the difference between them?

It is possible to have several soulmates, but you only have one twin flame. Moreover, the meeting with your twin flame is often unique and intense, crossing paths with the latter can turn your life upside down, even change it. Soulmates and twin flames have different goals. The higher purpose of a soulmate relationship is the growth and evolution of consciousness, while the purpose of twin flames is to discover and access unconditional love for themselves and each other, whilst creating a vibration for themselves and for humanity.

Are twin flames meant to be together?

The notion of "twin flames" is a spiritual and esoteric concept that refers to the idea that two souls are deeply linked and destined to meet again in this life. According to this belief, twin flames are often described as two halves of the same soul, separated at the moment of creation and destined to reunite to accomplish a common spiritual goal.

The nature of the relationship between twin flames can vary from person to person, and there are no strict rules regarding their status as a couple. Some believe that twin flames are destined to be together in a romantic relationship, while others believe that their connection can take many forms, including deep friendship or creative collaboration.

It's important to note that the concept of twin flames is highly subjective and spiritual, and there's no universal consensus on its true meaning or existence. Some people find comfort and guidance in the idea, while others may regard it as a mere metaphor or imaginary construct. It's essential to follow your own intuition and rely on your own experience when it comes to spiritual concepts of this kind.

What are the signs of twin flame reunion?

The reunion of twin flames is a transcendent experience that goes far beyond mere chance. Twin flames, these deeply connected souls, feel a magnetic attraction that inevitably guides them towards each other, often after periods of separation and individual evolution. When these souls unite again, it's as if time has stood still, and each interaction resonates with unparalleled spiritual depth and mutual understanding. Signs of reunion between twin flames are often imbued with astonishing synchronicities: striking coincidences, chance encounters, or intense energetic sensations. These signs act as guides, indicating that the time has come for these souls to reconnect and embark on a profound spiritual and emotional journey. Reunion can be tumultuous and complex, as it brings to light unresolved aspects of oneself, but it also offers a unique opportunity to heal, grow and merge at a level of love and understanding that transcends the material world.

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