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Mole Meaning Decrypted: On The Face And Body

Moles are way more than just a mark on your skin, they are in fact like stars that appear on our faces and bodies. Moles and beauty spots form an important slice of our physical appearance as well as forming parts of our character and even our destiny. Discover the mole and beauty mark meaning here.

What does your mole mean and say about you? Where do they come from? We reveal everything you must know.


The origins of moles and beauty spots: Ancient past

Moles and beauty spots have been fashionable since the Roman and Egyptian eras. During these times, Romans and Egyptians drew the marks on their skin to hide their imperfections. Discover the meaning of body pains and learn more about them.


The Marquis and Courtesans penciled on beauty spots and moles in the 18th century to affirm their personalities.

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Moles on a woman’s face

Each zone on the face is associated with a particular character trait, personality and even destiny. Read about the mole meaning in each zone of the face.

  • On the forehead: Deep attachment to parents and a strong character
  • Around the eyes: Naïve and influential (left eye) and highly sensitive towards the opposite sex (right eye)
  • On the nose: Frivolous lifestyle (left side) or careful and vigilant (right side)
  • On the cheeks: Superficial (left) and modest and kind (right)
  • On the ears: Secretive and solitary (left) and unstable (right)
  • Around the mouth: Sweet and reasonable (upper lip) and lazy and highly sensual (lower lip)

Interesting fact:

In the Middle Ages people burned their moles because they considered them to be the place where the devil entered their bodies, however now, thanks to Maryline Monroe, the mole has become a symbol of sensuality and glamour. Depending on its location, it will have several meanings.

Moles on a man’s face decrypted

Discover what the marks on your skin say about you and who you are.

  • On the forehead: Family are dear to you
  • Around the eyes: Uncertain (left eye) and weak and easily distracted (right eye)
  • On the nose: Likes to spend money (left side) and careful (right side)
  • On the cheeks: Proud (left side) and pessimistic (right)
  • On the ears: Secretive (left) and lucky (right)
  • Around the mouth: Unstable relationships (upper lip) and joyful outlook (lower lip)

Moles meaning on a woman’s body

Mole on back

Moles are more frequently found on the body than anywhere else and their location on your skin reveals lots about you.

Here’s what your mole means based on its whereabouts on your body.

  • On the shoulder: Strong personality (right) and need for affection (left)
  • On the back: Loves a challenge but lacks determination
  • On the breast: Very sensual and sexy
  • On the arm:Immature and stubborn
  • On the hand: Great seduction skills
  • On the leg: Indecisive (left) and impatient (right)
  • On the knee: In need of recognition (left) and humble (right)
  • On the thigh: Determination personality
  • On the buttocks: Balanced character
  • On the pelvis: Passionate temperament
  • On the foot: Love for finer things in life

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The meaning of moles on a man’s body

Mole on man's back

Whatever the location of your mole on your body, here’s what it means and implicates for you.

  • On the shoulder: Feminine sensitivity (right) and unorganized (left)
  • On the back: Very sociable and outgoing
  • On the pectoral: Devoted and generous
  • On the arm: Impatient and impulsive
  • On the hand: Possessive
  • On the leg: Attentive (left) and hesitant (right)
  • On the knee: Lack of self-confidence (left) and kind (right)
  • On the thigh: Charming and loyal
  • On the buttocks: Impatient and pushy
  • On the pelvis: Likes being in a relationship
  • On the foot: Reserved and dependent

By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - Iโ€™ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - Iโ€™ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

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I have 2 red moles on my stomach area, they remind me of planets I call them venus and Jupiter. Can you tell me what the red moles mean?

I have a heart shaped mole on my right thigh what could the meaning be for that I've have had this mole my entire life.

I am a woman and I have a mole about 3 inches above my belly button. In a way, I guess you can say it's at the center of my body. I've always had it since I was a kid. What does that mole mean?


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