Protector Guardian Angel Tattoo Designs? - 12 Sources Of Inspiration

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Are you dreaming of getting a tattoo, but haven’t been able to decide what design you want yet? Would you like a tattoo that represents you, suits your personality, and maybe even makes you stronger? Well, if that’s the case, a guardian angel tattoo is a wise choice, because it symbolizes protection, love, and faith. After all, it’s important to get it right, because we’ll have it on our skin forever.

Protector Guardian Angel Tattoo Designs? - 12 Sources Of Inspiration

Protector Guardian angel tattoo design: An eternal link with your messenger

What could be more spiritually lifting than getting a guardian angel tattoo? Your angel is your messenger, your support, and your guide, therefore, having them on your skin will allow you to feel the connection that binds you together.

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Know that you can also simply opt for a tattoo of angel wings if you wish. In fact, wings are a symbol of lightness, freedom, knowledge, and intelligence. If you are on a path of belief and spirituality, or if you need to put more faith in your life, this could be a great choice for you. Likewise, if you need to feel protected, or dream of paying tribute to the one who takes care of you, getting this tattoo will help you do so.

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What does a guardian angel tattoo look like?

Unlike cherubim who take on the appearance of young children or archangels who often have weapons and a masculine, adult figure (swords, shield, arrow, etc.), guardian angels are often depicted as teenagers with slender features. For a guardian angel tattoo, light colors and pastel tones are recommended to recall the softness and light of guardian angels.

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12 guardian angel tattoo designs to inspire you

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