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2019 Falling In Love: These 5 Zodiac Signs Will Find Love

2019 is a year for finding love for 5 lucky zodiac signs. Do you dream of finding love and living out your perfect fairytale? Will your zodiac sign get to live a perfect love story this year? 2019 is set to be the perfect time for certain zodiac signs to fall deeply in love and live happily ever after. Not all the zodiac signs will be lucky in love in 2019, but certain will; is your zodiac sign one of the lucky 5 signs who will find love in 2019?

2019 changes are set to heavily impact certain zodiac signs, especially when it comes to love and relationships. The long awaited 2019 is finally upon us and we’re all eager to find out which zodiac signs will be lucky enough to fall in love in 2019 and start writing their perfect love story. 2019 is a year full of love for the zodiac signs!

Love 2019: These 5 zodiacs signs will find love in 2019

The beautifully romantic nights and gorgeous 2019 dates are getting us excited and we cannot wait a minute longer! 2019 is going to be one to remember for 5 zodiac signs, although don’t despair if your zodiac sign isn't one of the lucky 5 because anything could happen in 2019. Will you say 'I do' this year? These are the 3 zodiac signs set to marry in 2019, are you one of the lucky ones?

If you are curious about your love life in 2019, check out your 2019 love horoscope for the essential horoscope predictions every zodiac sign needs.

1) Taurus

Taurus, get ready for some 2019 love!

Congratulations, Taurus, you are one of lucky 5 zodiac signs who are set to fall madly in love in 2019. 2019 Taurus will be marked with wild passion and pure excitement alongside someone very special. Taurus people already have a reputation for being the best lovers of the zodiac, so why would their 2019 be any different or less exciting?

2) Gemini

Gemini 2019, are you ready to live out your love story?

Our Gemini friends will be lucky enough to meet lots of people they are compatible with in 2019 and can definitely count on some excitement over the next few months. Gemini people are most likely to enjoy flings this summer, however if Gemini wants to take things beyond summer the possibility for a real love story is there.

3) Virgo

Virgo 2019, a year of love!

We know that Virgos have been dreaming of finding love for quite some time now and the good news is their prayers will be answered in 2019. Virgo won’t be disappointed either and will meet someone they are crazy about and could eventually even settle down with them. Everything sounds great, but here’s some advice for you Virgo; try to take things slowly.

4) Scorpio

Scorpio 2019, are you ready to meet your soulmate?

Scorpio friends of the zodiac, we have some great news for you! Your summer months will be full of exciting romantic matches and you are very likely to fall in love with someone and establish a beautiful relationship that could eventually turn into a marriage! The passion is about to overflow in 2019, Scorpio.

5) Capricorn

Capricorn 2019, love is in the air!

Capricorn, you are one of the chosen ones in 2019 and are very likely to meet someone amazing on the condition that you let your guard down and open up. As soon as you get rid of the barriers, people will see you for who you are and will find you completely irresistible. Kiss goodbye to single life, Capricorn.

Falling in love in 2019

We've listed the 5 zodiac signs set to find love in 2019. Discover how lucky each of these 5 special zodiac signs is going to be in love 2019. Our horoscope compatibility and incompatibility will lead these 5 zodiac signs to the perfect love story in 2019.

Zodiac signs:
Falling in love 2019 rating:
Horoscope compatibility:
Incompatible with:
1) Taurus ♉
Taurus is most compatible with Cancer in 2019.
Taurus is incompatible with Aquarius.
2) Gemini ♊
Gemini is most compatible with Pisces.
Gemini is incompatible with Cancer in 2019.
3) Virgo ♍
Virgo is very compatible with Leo in 2019.
Virgo is least compatible with Aries in 2019.
4) Scorpio ♏
Scorpio and Capricorn are a compatible pair.
Scorpio is incompatible with Aries in 2019.
5) Capricorn ♑
Capricorn and Scorpio are soulmates in 2019.
Capricorn and Sagittarius won't get along in 2019.


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