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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Get Back Together With An Ex In 2019

2019 is definitely going to be a year of intense and at time groundbreaking changes for several zodiac signs. A new year symbolizes change and in some cases means reverting back to old habits. According to horoscope 2019, 3 of the 12 zodiac signs are going to get back together with an ex-partner and give their relationship one last shot! Will you take back your ex in 2019? Our astrology predictions have the answer.

Each and every one of the 12 zodiac signs should expect some BIG changes in 2019 and certain will be more impacting and life changing than others. Whilst certain zodiac signs will get married in 2019, others will decide to take the plunge and get back together with an ex. Taking an ex back is a big decision and requires enormous strength of character, does your zodiac sign have what it takes?

2019: 3 Zodiacs will take back their exes

Although some of us despise our exes more than words could ever describe, certain zodiac signs are capable of rising above all the ill feelings and giving their exes another chance. 2019 is set to be the year 3 zodiac signs get back together with one of their exes. Wondering how to get an ex back? Our astrological tips reveal exactly what you need to know.

Can you expect to get back with an ex in 2019? These 3 zodiacs can; Cancer, Capricorn and Pisces.

1) Cancer

On the lookout for balance and stability

Although Cancers are one of the emotionally sensitive zodiac signs and have a hard time dealing with breakups and nursing their broken hearts back to health, they are prepared to forgive and look to the future. Cancers are forgiving but that’s not to say they are pushovers either; if Cancer chooses to take back an ex, their ex needs to be on their best behavior, if not things will get really ugly!

Cancer horoscope 2019 reveals exactly what's in store for you.

2) Capricorn

Prepared to open their hearts

Despite their serious exterior, Capricorns do have feelings and would be prepared to open up their hearts to give things one last go with someone they used to love, as long as things were on their terms. Capricorn relishes the feeling of being in control and things won’t be any different with an ex. Capricorn personality wants to protect their feelings and aims to avoid heartbreak at all costs.

Read Capricorn horoscope 2019 for a complete astro report.

3) Pisces

Ready to forgive and move on

Pisces’ motto should be ‘make love not war’ as this particular zodiac sign hates drama and tries to run away from it whenever possible. Pisces personality is a peace loving star sign and is always prepared to give things another go all whilst hoping for the best. The last horoscope sign is very understanding and Pisces people are well-known for being ruled by their hearts, even when it comes to their exes.

Pisces horoscope 2019 reveals what the stars have in store!

If you haven't made our list of zodiac signs that are going to take back an ex in 2019, that doesn't mean the year is going to be free of change and twists. Discover your star sign's horoscope 2019 for more important astrological predictions.

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