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Protect Yourself From Manipulators

Out there smiling seductively, manipulators can be encountered everywhere, good to know, but how can we protect ourselves from them? Guilt trips and making us discredit ourselves are their specialties, they know how to play with our emotions… Has the above description got you thinking of anyone in your life? Want to find out what their motives are? Read on for all the answers…

How to spot a manipulator...

Manipulators are real chameleons and have no trouble changing face or attitude in a split second, in order to get closer to their target.

Manipulators use other people to accomplish their goals, crushing anyone in their way, in order to get what they want poses them no problem. Manipulators need to feel superior and will lean on other people to get to the top, they won’t think twice about stabbing people in the back to get to where they want to be.

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Is there a manipulator in your midst?

Their ability to change faces means they are hard to pick out from the crowd, but your attitude will act as a radar in detecting them.

How do you feel when you are with the person or people you suspect? If you feel as if you are trapped and on edge or you feel nervous when you are around them, these are telltale signs. Feeling childlike and needing time to recover after spending time with the person or people in question are firm indicators that they are manipulators.

How to behave around a manipulator...

When surrounded by manipulators, the only solution is to flee them and run for the hills, it’s best to cut them off completely, to avoid putting yourself through an unnecessary ordeal. If you are stuck with the person and can’t totally freeze them out, then humor will be your best defense weapon, make them believe that their mean comments don’t affect you.

If in fact your partner is manipulative, then get ready to leave them, plan your departure carefully, if it’s a colleague or even our boss, escape their grasp and look for a job elsewhere… ask yourself this, are you ready to put up with this bad treatment?

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How to spot a manipulator...

Scorpios are known manipulators, they have great intuition, which helps them to get to where they want to be. Scorpios won’t think twice about using people and underhand tactics to achieve their goals.

Libras and Sagittarius’ are also prone to manipulate other people, however, they are less rigorous in doing so. As for Libras, diplomacy can quickly turn into hypocrisy, with them hiding things and not saying things openly in order to get to the top. Sagittarius’ are capable of changing sides to get on people’s good sides.

Geminis are also considered to be manipulative, hypocritical and two faced. Geminis are selective about which side they show.

Planet alignment encouraging manipulation:

  • Mercury opposite Pluto
  • The sun in opposition to Neptune
  • Mercury in opposition to Neptune

Keep in mind that these are only clues… For more in-depth knowledge consult an astrologer.  

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