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Chiromancy: The Fate in Our Hands

The lines on our hands formed long before we were born, during the second month of pregnancy. Throughout our life, these lines have come to change according to our choices. It’s said that even these lines fade away when our life comes to an end…

The Origin and Evolution of Chiromancy

The Bible makes reference to the lines of your hand many times. The origins of chiromancy (from the Greek “kheir,” hand and “manteia,” divination) can be found in India, even if Aristotle, a Greek philosopher, would have been the first to write on the subject.

It wasn’t until the Middle Ages that reading about these creases would see its Golden Age, even though it was practiced in private, having been banned by the Church…

Today, the art of palm reading is popular even though it isn’t practiced as often as the oracles or Tarot of Marseille. Indeed, drawing cards is a lot easier than palm reading. Even more, cartomancy and chiromancy aren’t used for the same reasons: if tarot cards can respond to a punctual question and can be closely examined, then our hands give us an idea of our fate.

The lines don’t change regularly and it’s useless to read them every 15 days! However, you ought to know that chiromancy has been an interest of scientists since the 19th century. The work of Francis Galton with dermatoglyphics laid down the basis that would allow police to use fingerprints to identify criminals. As for medicine in the 20th century, there are certain claims that illnesses can be “announced” just by looking at the creases in someone’s hand…

Further Studies

Originally, chiromancy was appointed to studying lines in the hands; however, a hand was studied as a whole. People today can speak about palmistry (study of the hand), which brings both hands to attention. 

How do I read my palm?

Before launching into a chiromancy test, here’s some information that will allow you to study your palms.

General Aspects of the Hand:

Before starting a detailed exam, first observe the shape of your hands (both hands have the same shape, so one single hand will suffice for this exercise. The left hand works best). This way you’ll know which elements your hands rely on.


  • A square shape corresponds with artisan or agricultural trades. This is the hand of the Earth and one associates it with the planet Mars.
  • A thin and ovular shape is the hand of a writer, psychologist, and sometimes a doctor. This shape is tied to the element Water and the planet Venus or the Moon (if the skin is very pale).
  • A fat shape belongs to those who are business-minded, physiotherapists, but also professors who share their passion and everything they know. This shape is represented by Fire and corresponds with the planet Jupiter.
  • A long and bony shape has the air of a hand that belongs to a researcher, engineer, and numerous other intellectual occupations. This shape is characterized by the planet Saturn.

Have you succeed in identifying your hand’s shape? To study hands well, you must take into account all sorts of characteristics like flexibility of the palm and its temperature. Certain people also look at the color of the veins that show up, and the length of the fingers in regards to others. People also study each finger to know more about personality, character, and maturity.

The Palm of the Hand

After having studied each aspect of your hand, look at your palms. From now on, the comparison of both hands is important because this is where you might see differences. By the way, did you know that all of your fingers are associated with a planet? Here are the correspondences:

Thumb: Venus; Index: Jupiter; Middle: Saturn; Ring: Apollo; Pinkie: Mercury

Each fingertip has a little bump known as a “mount” (the mount is the shape your fingertip makes that can look like a little mountain). The thumb dominates the Mount of Venus and everything that follows. Once you’ve observed these different bumps well (the main bumps because there are others), you can continue on to the lines.

The Main Lines

You can now look at the lines on your palm. They’ll reveal the grand “lines” of your existence. You absolutely must compare your two hands because the lines can be different. Certain theories say that your left hand shows your potential and your right hand what’s about to happen, but that’s just another opinion.

  • Life Line: This lines traces someone’s development from birth to death. The length doesn’t correspond to the duration of life, so don’t worry! A Life Line that’s very prominent indicates a sporty nature, for example.
  • Head Line: Connected (or not) to the Life Line, this crease teaches us about our way of acting and thinking. For example: if the Head Line starts in the Life Line, this person lacks independence.
  • Heart Line: This line informs us about our feels and relationships in general. For example: if this crease is very straight, that indicates some indifference.

Presence of secondary lines, like:

  • The Fate Line: Formerly known as the Lucky Line, this line’s important whether we have it or not. For example: a child who was born with this line needs to be particularly surrounded by the parents because he/she could easily do something foolish.

Now that you know more about chiromancy, you can read your palm and discover all of the essential aspects that your hand has to tell you. Discover the hidden shape of your fingers as well, and learn a little more about your personality, your way of thinking, and your way of understanding life.


>>>> We know that reading your own palm can be tricky at times. If you still have questions, feel free to consult one of our mediums. They're more than happy to assist you!

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