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You should be feeling like you could accomplish almost anything today, and the good news is that you are right! High energy will be yours as you tackle everything from meetings, to phone conferences, to drafting up proposals. Your thoughts will be clear and you'll be able to express yourself in a persuasive, eloquent manner. Focus all of this positive energy in the right direction, and miracles can happen.

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Hi,never had a mood swing. Always been a Pisces. Never overreact. Underreact if anything, when is actual danger, I always get calm + collected, for finding solutions + doing them. The Pisces personality may be a mystery to some, but not to us. OK, you may be referring to the negative, "bad Pisces"? I forgot about them. I did know one, a 3-6. AND 2 best friends 3-7 + 3-9 ARE BOTH doing what you wrote, as feeling the massive energy emitting from Wash.DC on today= Impeached Day#1=Celebration for 90% + Fury for the 6%. I told her I'll do energy reports for her + not mention politics, so will know it's Wash.DC's mixed energy + NOT them. Don't blame some Pisces for feeling energy. :-)

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