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Your usual outgoing and often radical nature may be far more conservative today. This can be a result from the day's planetary influences and if used right, this mood can prove most beneficial. It can add a seriousness to your day that suits such activities as goal setting, budget planning or recovery . Make the most of this energy by getting into the areas of your life that could use some rethinking.

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Hi,never had a mood swing. Always been a Pisces. Never overreact. Underreact if anything, when is actual danger, I always get calm + collected, for finding solutions + doing them. The Pisces personality may be a mystery to some, but not to us. OK, you may be referring to the negative, "bad Pisces"? I forgot about them. I did know one, a 3-6. AND 2 best friends 3-7 + 3-9 ARE BOTH doing what you wrote, as feeling the massive energy emitting from Wash.DC on today= Impeached Day#1=Celebration for 90% + Fury for the 6%. I told her I'll do energy reports for her + not mention politics, so will know it's Wash.DC's mixed energy + NOT them. Don't blame some Pisces for feeling energy. :-)

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