What Is Putin’s Zodiac Sign?: Deep Analysis Of His Birth Chart

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Everyone is wondering what Vladimir Putin has up his sleeve right now, and we all want to know what's next for the war in Ukraine. Plus, we’re all wondering if we should be afraid of his endless nuclear threats. Our astrologer, Susan Taylor, has studied his birth chart and is here to reveal all of Vladimir Putin’s secrets. That’s right, the Libra sun Scorpio rising Russian leader.

What Is Putin’s Zodiac Sign?: Deep Analysis Of His Birth Chart

Putin’s zodiac sign is Libra ascendant Scorpio

Vladimir Putin was born on October 7, 1952, at 9:30 am in St. Petersburg, Russia, and is 1.67 m tall for those who were wondering about his height. He is a Libra with Scorpio as his rising sign. Now, many of you know that Libra is usually a sign of harmony, peace, and conciliation. But if you know astrology really well, you also know that Libra can be very sharp, and intransigent. Indeed, depending on the rest of the natal chart (aspects of the planets, ascendant, etc...) Libra natives can judge and act according to their convictions, likewise, they can raise the sword of justice and take radical decisions if they believe they are right.

Vladimir Putin’s rising sign is Scorpio, and this is a sign that needs to dominate and ensure social ascension, especially in the circles of power (finance, politics.) In his case, his psychological finesse and his sense of dialectic make him a formidable opponent. Scorpio is a sign of power in the shadows, which knows how to wait by strategy and then surprises suddenly. That’s right, Scorpio rising is a passionate being that defends its ideas with guts. When these natives defend a cause, they can easily sting, overflow, and be tempted by the "vigilante" and destructive side...


We can already understand his career path, from the Secret Service to the presidency of his country. But of course, a star sign and an Ascendant are not everything, let's reassure Libra sun Scorpio rising people! Let's take a look at the rest of the chart.

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Putin's birth chart, a warlike sky

His Sun square to Uranus is conjoined to a planetary cluster in the 12th astrological houseSaturn, Mercury, and Neptune. The 12th house is the house of confinement, secrets, and manipulation. These planetary aspects indicate a mind and a will that may have been suppressed in childhood. The native needs to escape, to claim his freedom to act and to think, to take the reins in order to decide, even if it means marginalizing himself. Neptune in house 12 can bring about a "no limit" side, a destructive madness, but Saturn, which prevents him from letting his emotions show, also imposes control on him. Saturn can represent a brake to the Neptunium madness. Indeed, Saturn-Neptune-Mercury in the 12th house can also lead Vladimir Putin to turn to a deep belief, a faith that can prevent him from sinking...  

Pluto is the Master Ascendant (ruling planet of Scorpio) and is in the Midheaven. Vladimir Putin is, therefore, "Plutonium". He is a complex and very subtle personality, an absolutist. Pluto is conjoined to the Black Moon and square to Jupiter: there is a lot of mental strength here, a strong reactivity that can be violent, self-destructive, or destructive. These aspects bring a lot of authority, magnetism, and a manipulative spirit that has an obvious power relationship with any other form of authority. His taste for power is exacerbated, he acts with a lot of pride, an individualistic side that can easily neglect the rules in place and refuse contradiction. (One recognizes there well the one who crushes the opponents and changes the laws to be reelected indefinitely...) He doesn’t allow himself to be influenced, plus, his cold blood and his rigor lead him far. This aspect can also push the Russian president to financial greed, corruption, and pharaonic expenses...

Mars in Sagittarius, well-connected to both Mercury and Pluto, gives him a lot of efficiencies, self-confidence, a taste for challenge, and intuition to achieve his goals. Furthermore, he knows how to give himself the means to succeed.

Putin's birth chart

*Above is Putin's sky chart*

Finally, without going into more private details that do not interest us here, let us note that his Moon in Gemini informs us that he intellectualizes his emotions and does not lose his head easily. Venus in Scorpio in the 1st House also makes him very demanding in his attachments, he can break a bond overnight if he is disappointed (and as a Plutonium "burn what he has adored").

What will happen after the war in Ukraine? What do the stars say?

In 2023 and 2024, transiting Neptune will be square to his natal Mars, which can lead to discouragement and less confidence in his decisions. This may also indicate that he will lack support around him, with more and more allies turning their backs on him. There may also be a stalemate in the military situation...

Since this summer and until 2024 included, Uranus in transit will be Conjunct Jupiter and Square, thus badly connected, to natal Pluto. This exacerbates the search for power at any cost, whatever the means used. That said, at present and until March 2023 Saturn in Transit is in tension with Uranus in Transit and Opposite to natal Pluto and Black Moon. Saturn isolates him and slows him down, Vladimir Putin may feel blocked in his wishes...

According to Pluto, Saturn and Uranus in Transit in the spring of 2023 may weaken Vladimir Putin's health as well as his power, this may have 2 consequences: either it will calm his warlike impulses because he will be discouraged and tired, or faced with the obsession of death and the fear of his own, his discouragement will fuel his instinct of destruction... This can be frightening of course in relation to the use of the atomic bomb, but I rather imagine here a total questioning of his authority and his fall in the months following the spring of 2023, the year 2024 not being positive for him either!  

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Numerologically, it looks like he will meet a violent death probably, between June to Oct 2023.

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