When Will I Get Married? And, Is He The One For Me?

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Are you destined to live happily ever after with the one you love, or will your plans completely fall apart and see you winding up single some time soon? Dreams of starting a family and living out the fairy tale lifestyle are fantasies almost all of us share; but unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to actually have our desires realized. If truth be told, most of us veer off track and never end up finding our perfect fit. Knowing when we are going to settle down and with who become possible thanks to a psychic reading with Astrofame.


Is marriage around the corner for me?

If you are anything like half of the women on earth, you'll want to know what awaits you in your romantic life. Walking down the aisle in the perfect princess dress is something we made our Barbies do when we were little, however, this somewhat innocent wish and fantasy doesn't always disappear into thin air for all of us, it in fact materializes into an important life goal, but will you be able to realize it? 

Despite divorce rates ever rising; (they are at around 40%-50% in the US), many of us still want the opportunity to say 'I do' and make a go of things. And, why ever not, because married life is indeed one of the most beautiful things when it all goes off without a hitch. After all, what could be more special than choosing to commit yourself to someone for life? Opting to love each other through sickness and health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse. Now, we don't know about you, but these heavy engagements definitely bring a little tear to our eyes.

Regardless of our best efforts, not everyone is fortunate enough to meet Mr Right straight off the bat and many of us often need several attempts at getting things right... Modern dating often means we unintentionally jump from one relationship to the next, yet before you know it, time starts to run out... The idea of swiping right may seem like fun, but will it ever truly lead you to happiness? Plus, with so many fish in the sea, how can we ever really know if we've met 'the one' for us? 


Studying your horoscope compatibility is obviously a good start, but why not go one step further and opt for a psychic consultation to obtain more concrete insights. Plus, a reading will also give you the chance to ask all of your burning questions!

- You could be one of the lucky ones real soon. Discover which zodiac signs will say 'I do' this year -

How can I be sure I've found 'the one'?

If you had instant chemistry with your partner and have been together for a while, it’s only normal to start wondering when will he get down on one knee. Sexual attraction and flirty banter are good indicators that you and your partner are a good match, yet true compatibility is much more intricate than just skin-deep appearances. 

Listening to your gut feeling is also a pretty much foolproof way to decide whether you've hit the jackpot in the partner department. However, consulting a psychic and getting their evaluation is incomparable! There's so much for us to take into consideration when it comes to settling down, and there are many questions you need to ask yourself before doing so. 

These questions include:

  • Does he treat me right?
  • Does he respect me?
  • Does he want the same things as me?
  • Does he support me?
  • Can we compromise on things?

How can I consult a psychic to find out more?

Contact one of our love and relationship experts to find out when your partner will propose and when you can start planning your special day! 

Article presented by Susan Taylor

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Amanda's psychic experience on Astrofame