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The Astrological Sign of Cancer

A Cancer is a very sensitive individual. They can be known to feel very nostalgic for the past and particularly for their childhood. A Cancer is someone gentle, tender, intuitive and affectionate that needs to feel surrounded, protected and secure. They can be sometimes nonchalant and lazy.

The signification of the astrological sign of Cancer

The moon is your mother planet and is the symbol of femininity and fertility! You’re a romantic and can be very sensitive. You’re easily amazed by this rich, emotional world. You look for gentleness in everything you do and you are a little fragile in the face of aversion. You don’t lack inspiration! You love to create but you also are known to bloom and flourish when faced with something familiar. In love, you need someone who is reliant on you as much as you are them: you must reassure each other and open yourselves up to wonderful possibilities together.

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Ten things to know about a Cancer

•    Date of Birth: From the 21st of June to the 22nd of July
•    Strong points: Perseverance, imagination, creativity
•    Qualities: Generosity, sensitivity
•    Faults: Moody, temperamental, immature
•    Gems: Opal, Cameo
•    Planet: Moon
•    Element: Water
•    Colours: White and pearl grey
•    Metals: Silver
•    Corresponding body parts: Stomach, breasts

Dates and personality of a Cancer

From the 21st of June to the 22nd of July – family and home life are two very important things to a Cancer. As a sign of the water, like Scorpio and Pisces, these signs listen above all to their feelings. Before they dive into something they’ll need to feel completely secure. They are generally very understanding, are able to share your pain and even that of those around the world.
Under the influence of the moon the Cancer can appear a little strange to those who are used to someone more direct.

However, those born a Cancer are not manipulative, they just need to get to know you in order to not feel rejected. The moon bestows upon a Cancer a predisposition for physical aptitude  and this they can develop throughout their lives if they so wish.

The symbol of the Cancer is the crab. Those with this star sign can be known to take things to heart which makes them difficult to understand. You must have patience with a Cancer and allow them to discover themselves. They like to take things at their own pace and you’ll have to fight the urge to hurry them up and interrupt them. This is an error you don’t want to make unless you want to risk seeing them going back into their shell.

The sign of the Cancer is ruled by the stomach and the thorax, so they must take particular attention when caring for these areas. Digestion problems are likely to come about with age.

Difficulties often arise when a Cancer tries to take everyone’s problems under their wing. Compassion is one thing but to lose yourself completely to someone else’s problems is another.  A Cancer must try to balance the tasks they take on in order to help themselves and those around them. Having water in close proximity can help a cancer to feel at ease and allows them to free themselves from unnecessary troubles in the past (which they can be prone to holding on to).

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