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Pressing business matters might have you worried that you may have to postpone a much-needed vacation. You could be tempted to go into a blue funk over this, but don't fall into this trap. It could create the very situation that you don't want. If you budget your time and work quickly and efficiently, you'll probably be able to proceed with your trip as planned, and have an absolutely wonderful time. Go to it!

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Mermaids and mermen are real. We're called pisces. Wish I had a fish tail though Lol. Again thanks for the totally awesome and accurate horoscopes.

Super accurate horoscopes . I mean these horoscopes totally come true. You write them and then they actually happen in real life. Spookily accurate. Thanks and keep up the great horoscopes please.

WHY????? You are suddenly exact opposite of, your previous pro-pisces view. Were supportive, with why____not working, not happening, why BLOCKED, due to-------- planets. Were writing when GOOD, BEST for_______ IE.Today= Tired, lazy, confused,rushing thoughts. =ALL LOL exact 180 opposite. Maybe 3-17-62 Pisces are different, as never had, the sometimes, MISINTREPRETATED as being negative? Never had confusion, never tired or lazy. IE. On an "ideas day", ideas, plans, solutions appear + all clear as day, all organized. Hope NOT a way,looking for paid for services, advice?

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