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Your Complete Guide to Indian Astrology

Have you ever heard of ‘Indian Astrology'? Indian Astrology is also known as the ‘Science of Lights’ and originates from the Hindu culture. Indian Astrology is regarded as being a fountain of wisdom and is said to help us discover more about ourselves, as well as find the right life path.

A look at this ancient practice

Also known as ‘Hindu Astrology’ or ‘Vedic Astrology’, this ancient practice is similar to Western Astrology because it is based on the same 12 signs, however the dates of the signs are later than in Western Astrology. 

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Background of Indian Astrology

Indian Astrology dates back 5000 years. Legend has it that the God ‘Brahma’ taught the practice to several wise men, who then went on to guide humanity. Indian Astrology, is referred to as ‘Jyotish’, which means light and was the first form of science used by mankind! Likened to a lamp burning in the darkness, which guides people and hands them the keys to their destiny.

Vedic Astrology originates from the Vedas; the sacred Hindu texts.

Benefits of Vedic Astrology

Unlike Western Astrology which focuses on the influence of the stars, Vedic Astrology provides people with a solution to the problems that they encounter. Vedic Astrology is also a great way to find out more about yourself and make the best decisions for the future.

Vedic signs’ equivalent to Western Astrology

  • Mesha: Aries – born between the 13th April – 14th May
  • Vrischabha: Taurus – 15th May – 14th June
  • Mithuna: Gemini – 15th June – 14th July
  • Karka: Cancer – 15th July – 14th August
  • Simha: Leo – 15th August – 15th September
  • Kanya: Virgo – 16th September – 15th October
  • Tula: Libra – 16th October – 14th November
  • Vrishchika: Scorpio – 15th November – 14th December
  • Dhanu: Sagittarius – 15th December – 13th January
  • Makara: Capricorn – 14th January – 12th February
  • Kumbha: Aquarius – 13th February – 12th March
  • Meena: Pisces – 13th March – 12th April

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