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Aztec Astrology

Have you ever heard of Aztec astrology or even Aztec horoscopes? Aztec astrology uses 3 calendars in order to accurately describe our personalities. We’re here to answer all of your questions and fill you in on the ancient mystery that is Aztec astrology.

Aztec astrology used to raise self-awareness

Aztec astrology is a complex science that uses 3 different calendars:

  1. Tonalpohualli
  2. The Solar calendar
  3. The Secular calendar – defined by the Sun, Moon and Venus.

Studying your Aztec profile will reveal lots of information about your personality.

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The Aztec calendar system was used centuries ago by the Aztecs in Mexico. The Aztec calendar divides the year into sequences of 20 days, meaning the year consists of 18 months.

Aztec astrology simplified

The Aztecs use 3 calendars so, everyone therefore has 3 Aztec zodiac signs; a daily sign, a tonalpohualli sign; a sign attributed every 13 days and finally a yearly sign.

  1. Your daily sign

Your daily sign describes your personality and also reveals details about your behavior and character, your mood and nature.

    2. Your tonalpohualli sign

This particular sign has an influence on your personality and allows you to adapt yourself to a variety of situations. Your tonalpohualli sign acts as a protection for you.

    3. Your yearly sign

Your yearly sign indicates the influence that your surroundings have on you as well as how lucky you are.

The Aztec zodiac signs

The Aztecs believe that everyone is protected by a God as of their birth. Aztec astrology is composed of 20 signs and each one corresponds to a God.

•    Alligator or Crocodile (Cipactli)
•    Wind (Ehecalt)
•    House (Calli)
•    Lizard (Cuetzpallin )
•    Snake (Coátl)
•    Death (Miquiztli)
•    Deer (Mázatl)
•    Rabbit (Tochtli)
•    Water (Atl)
•    Dog (Itzcuintli)
•    Monkey (Ozomatli)
•    Grass (Malinalli)
•    Reed (Acatl)
•    Jaguar (Océlotl)
•    Eagle (Cuauhtli)
•    Vulture (cozcaquautli)
•    Earthquake (Ollin)
•    Flint (Técpatl)
•    Raini (Quiáhuitl)
•    Flower (xochiti)

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Técpatl is rather referring to obsidian than flint; I´d say.


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