Chiron In Astrology - Where Is This Healing Sign In Your Birth Chart?

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The Chiron asteroid was discovered in 1977 and orbits between Saturn and Uranus. Its discovery dates back over 50 years. In astrology, Chiron represents the key to our healing, plus, depending on which astrology house it is located in our birth chart, it can deliver a message about ourselves and reveals information related to our personalities. Likewise, it also allows us to evolve and reach our peak well-being. Susan Taylor tells you more here.

Chiron In Astrology - Where Is This Healing Sign In Your Birth Chart?

In the past, astrology only recognized the planets of our solar system up to Saturn. The other planets, located after Saturn and called by current astrology the "transaturnians" were only taken into account later, as they were discovered. They include; Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Chiron is located between Saturn and Uranus and is considered the key that opens to the outer planets.

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What is Chiron in astrology? What does it mean?

In mythology, Chiron is a half-man half-horse creature (a centaur 🐎). As the son of Saturn and the Oceanid Philyra, a nymph, he is both human and animal and thus combines the reflective, rational side of the human with the more instinctive side of the animal. Indeed, he is considered the eldest of the centaurs and contrary to them who are reputed to be frustrated and brutal, he is considered wise and studious. He has a great knowledge of the science of plants, from which he draws the art of healing. His knowledge is vast (animal world, the art of hunting, astronomy, etc.) and his relations with men are amicable, which is why many heroes become his disciples, including Achilles, Heracles, Asclepius, and the Dioscuri.


Chiron, having suffered for years from an incurable wound, knows well the torments of pain.

What does Chiron symbolize?

Astrologically speaking, he represents patience and the mastery of our instincts, but also the possibility of relieving the pain of others. On the other hand, Chiron encourages us to face our dark side, our fears, and our wounds in order to heal our souls, and find our full potential. In short, Chiron plays the role of a therapist, because awareness is the beginning of healing.

Where is Chiron today?
As of 2019, Chiron has been in Aries. He will remain there until April 2027 when he enters Taurus.

How do I know where my Chiron is?

Symbol of Chiron

Chiron's symbol

To calculate your Chiron sign, you need to know a few pieces of basic information regarding your birth. If you calculate your natal chart based on your date, time, and place of birth, you can find out where Chiron is located (by looking for his key symbol - the K). Chiron is interpreted as a house and sign, so observe which sign and astrological house the planet is in.

What is Chiron in my chart?

Sky chart of Chiron

For example, in this natal chart, Chiron is circled in red. The asteroid is in the 7th house, in Gemini. So there are two interpretations: Chiron in the 7th House and Chiron in Gemini.

If you know the meanings of the astrological houses and the particularities of the zodiac signs, plus if you introduce this idea of a wound to be healed, you will have no difficulty understanding the message of Chiron. However, here are some suggested interpretations to help you:

Chiron in House 1 or Aries ♈

The 1st House and the sign of Aries are related to the ego. Here, Chiron encourages you to accept and defend one's "deep self,”. It’s a call for you to nurture your internal self and not the one that others expect. It is good to accept (and love) the person you are.

Chiron in 2nd House or Taurus ♉

Here Chiron calls for healing from material insecurity related perhaps to childhood (Have your needs been met?) It is good to try to detach from materialism and become aware of the richness of our person, our talents, and our gifts (possessions are not necessarily material!).

Chiron in 3rd House or Gemini ♊

Chiron calls for healing a wound related to communication, here, we were not listened to enough in childhood or were always misunderstood, we may have heard hurtful words too often, or we were prevented from expressing ourselves naturally. It is therefore necessary to free one's thoughts and to express oneself as one wishes. It is no longer necessary to adopt thoughts or expressions that have been imposed upon us in the past.

Chiron in 4th House or Cancer ♋

This House and sign are related to family, the past, roots, and forefathers. Here, Chiron calls for not carrying a wound (fear or anger) that does not belong to us. It is part of our family heritage, and it is not our own wound. It is good to be aware of it and to free ourselves from it. Likewise, it can also be a wound linked to the father or the mother, who is not what we expected. In this case, it is good to tell yourself that you are a person in your own right and not only the child of this or that person.

Chiron in 5th House or Leo ♌

This is a narcissistic wound, related to love and image. Chiron calls for awareness and convincing oneself that one is not loved for what one exudes, for what one appears, or for the image one gives of oneself, but for who one is internal. You must therefore accept yourself as you are, without exaggerations linked to your image (cosmetic surgery, excessive dependence on fashion, daily photos of yourself on the networks, etc.) You are lovable without all this!

Chiron in 6th House or Virgo ♍

Here, Chiron in Virgo calls for release from a wound related to servitude. So it's good to understand that serving, being of service is not necessarily submitting, or being under control. We also talk about a wound of perfection: it is good to accept that we are not perfect, to tell ourselves that we will not necessarily be criticized if everything is not impeccable, to take freedom from the fear of criticism, and especially to be less self-critical. And finally, it is also a healing wound. We must avoid the constant fear of illness, and avoid thinking that we deserve these ills because we have made mistakes. To find rites to purify oneself, to wash oneself energetically to calm one's soul.

Chiron in 7th house or Libra ♎

Chiron in the 7th house calls to free ourselves from a wound related to the couple, the association, or our relationship to the other. It is preferable not to fall into hypocrisy, not to get lost in relational pretenses for fear of losing the other (dependency problem to be solved). Remain authentic, and know how to position yourself, even if it means displeasing someone.

Chiron in 8th house or Scorpio ♏

Chiron in Scorpio calls to free oneself from a wound related to the impossibility of having control, power over death, and therefore of having control in general. We can't have power over everything in our lives! It is good to let go, to accept the crises and the endings, which are also rebirths.

Chiron in 9th House or Sagittarius ♐

Calls for release from a wound are related to beliefs, preconceptions, and superstitions. One must open one's mind and heart to not remain locked into thought patterns. The ideal is to be curious. To learn different things, to read books that one has not necessarily been directed to, to travel in order to better understand the different currents of thought, the different customs, etc.

Chiron in 10th House or Capricorn ♑

Chiron in Capricorn pushes for release from a wound related to our ambitions or professional position, perhaps due to too many expectations from our parents. It is good here to free ourselves from the fear of failure, of not being able to assume anymore, of succeeding somewhere else than where we were expected, of not going to the point of burn-out to be worthy of a role that we don't want to play anyway (or no longer). We must find our own role, the one that makes us happy, independently of external pressures or conditioning received during childhood.

Chiron in 11th House or Aquarius ♒

Here, this position calls for release from a wound related to friendship, protection, joint projects, and community. It is necessary to free oneself from the fear of rejection by the group, of being less well accepted, less well seen than others, or of being put aside. It is good not to lose one's personality to join a group, to be part of a collective project. Likewise, it is good to know how to choose your true friends, those who respect your opinions and who do not help you out of interest.

Chiron in 12th House or Pisces ♓

Here, this configuration calls us to free ourselves from a wound related to excessive receptivity, related to the confinement and protection that one has forged as a child to avoid drowning in an overflow of emotions. It is therefore necessary not to live in one's bubble, not to withdraw into oneself, and not to sink into escape behaviors (passivity, alcohol, drugs, medication, etc.).

Chiron retrograde - What are the effects to look out for?

When Chiron retrogrades from July 19 - December 23, 2022, we are able to go within our own wounds and reflect on how we can use them as a source of power and healing. This energy is not about achieving a state of perfection through healing, but rather about bringing recognition and acceptance of our wounds in a way that allows us to access the wisdom they can bring. Chiron does not want us to heal because it would make us "better." He wants us to learn to use these wounds as powerful portals to wisdom, knowledge, and power. By extracting this information, we can access a greater and fuller potential. This level of healing work is about transcendence, rather than trying to "fix" ourselves to be worthy. We are already worthy, no matter what wounds we have.

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