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You could find yourself spending time with several different groups of people today. Maybe you will be invited to competing parties tonight. You could decide to put in an appearance at each one! You love to be the party animal, creating drama and fun wherever you go. Give yourself permission to let loose and have a great time. Your romantic partner will be filled with your contagious high spirits.

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My wife wants a divorce we are going through a really tuff time I don't want to give up my marriage.i want to be a better person to her and my family

OH WOW!! The one guy I had had my heart set in Ferbruary on got cold feet and walk out of my life for a few months. We recently began communicating again and yesterday we had one more date. It was like fireworks. We are officially "an item" as of today!! I am ecstatic.

I just want to know if the guy im talking to is going to become my boyfriend or are just going to be friends

I'm a taurus woman who likes a sagituraus man. I don't know if he likes me as a friend or not by what he says. He's a professional in sales. But a text said after I thanked him for supporting me re buying a car that his reply was very welcomed poppet.?

It is time for Seymore to come home. Not be a kid in candy store. According to reading he should have been here now long term soulmate.

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