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No one has to teach a Pisces man like you about thinking optimistically about the world of tomorrow. It seems that human values are really beginning to evolve, and you take advantage of this to think about your own personal development. You are somewhat of an Eastern Philosopher. And your own personal wisdom and spiritual fulfillment come from a search inside yourself for a direction in the new life you have ahead of you...

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Yes l posted a few days ago also no one answered neither that's why when l see these things l don't want to give no comment on them

Hello good day l am satisfied now since you put my post up thank you have a great day bless you

I am not not in that category at all can you please let me know how to be lucky

Im pisces Feb 19. 1949. 11:36am. What good luck charm should I get and wear on my bracelet..maybe its an Elephant for the new year. Just need to make sure Thanks. Pat

No one answered me seven months ago I posted

Thanks for your Advice

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