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The Full Moon and Disrupted Sleep

It’s always the same thing, you struggle to get to sleep and then have an interrupted night, and it's normally only during the Full Moon. Everyone is sensitive to the Full Moon to differing levels but Swiss researchers have recently confirmed that the Full Moon is disruptive to both the time it takes to get to sleep and it’s quality.

It’s official. According to Swiss researchers the Full Moon interrupts our sleep. It takes longer to get to sleep and then it won’t be of a good quality during the Full Moon. This is due to a diminution of melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep.

The influence of the Full Moon on sea animals has already been scientifically proven which surfaces the question on the Full Moon's influence on humans. Scientists call it being ‘lunar rhythmic’ and it means our bodies function around the phases of the moon. We’ve inherited it from our ancestors.

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The Moon and Astrology

For our experienced team of astrologers, there is a strong link between insomnia and the Full Moon. According to our specialists, the stars are greatly affected by the Full Moon.  It is often a time when people will reveal something or suddenly see the light and this is because the Full Moon encourages a less reflective and more instinctive feeling…. These emotions are reflected during the nighttime and cause for a restless sleep.

Are you sensitive to the Full Moon?

Certain people are more sensitive than others to the effects of the Full Moon in the same way that some people are more receptive to electromagnetic waves (wifi, telephone etc).

In order to determine if you’re more sensitive to the Full Moon keep a sleep diary close to your bed so you can track your sleep patterns. Things to note;

•    The time you fall asleep

•    The duration of your sleep

•    The feelings you have in your dreams: uneasy, tired, relaxed…

•    The nature of your dreams; scary, stressful, loved up…  (this can be an excellent indictor)

By keeping this diary you’ll begin to see patterns in the way you sleep and determine if you’re someone who is affected by the Full Moon.

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