When To Cut And Dye Your Hair With The Moon 2023

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Even though it isn’t scientifically proven that the Moon plays an essential role in vegetable growth, gardeners always observe the Moon before planting and pruning. Following this logic, why wouldn’t it be the same thing for hair growth? We reveal which phases you need to cut your hair in, so that it'll grow back healthier, thicker and fuller than ever! Following our Moon calendar to plan your next visit to the salon will give you the results you've always dreamed of. It's you got the salon liked results you deserve!

When To Cut And Dye Your Hair With The Moon 2023

The Moon calendar is about to become your hair's best friend and will help you decide when the best time is to cut it, for your desired result. It’s one of these well-kept secrets that having beautiful locks and a good, classy cut really does depend on the Moon’s phases

To put it simply, during the Moon’s cycle, there are certain phases that are essential for encouraging the regrowth of health healthy hair. So with all this in mind, we’re giving you all the information you need to increase growth and to become a hair shaman in your own right!

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Hair cutting Moon calendar and color treatments for 2023

Are you thinking of trimming the ends or taking off a few inches, so your locks grow back quickly and in a healthier state? If so, the most opportune time to cut your hair is during a crescent moon: this is the stage between the New Moon and the Full Moon. If you cut your hair during this expansive phase, your hair will undoubtedly grow back quicker!

Best dates for a haircut
Best dates for coloring and treatments
January 5 - 18 and January 22
January 11 - 15
February 14 - 18
February 7 - 11
March 14 - 17
March 6 - 10
April 11 - 14
April 3 - 7
May 5 - 7 and May 11
May 23 - 27
June 4 - 8
June 23 - 27
July 1 - 5 and July 28 - 31
July 21 - 25
August 25 - 28
August 21 - 25
September 21 - 26
September 13 - 17
October 18 - 22
October 11 - 15
November 15 - 18
November 7 - 11
December 9 - 11 and December 27 - 28
December 4 - 8

Cutting hair on Full Moon - For the perfect cut

Many legends exist about the full moon, including the one that says its effects will enhance your hair. It would therefore be beneficial for you to have a "moon cut". This consists in sacrificing a few centimeters of your length, during a night of a full moon. And the promises are tempting: your hair would then grow faster, stronger, and more numerous. Moreover, there are a handful of convinced hairdressers in the world. These hairdressers even offer nightly sessions at these times of the year, which are always performed outdoors.

Even if the cutting hair on Full Moon thesis remains very attractive, it has never been scientifically proven. The positive influence of the moon on your hair remains an unverified belief to this day. For the majority of hairdressers, there is no ideal period! It is only recommended to cut your lengths by a few centimeters every 3 months or so, in order to avoid split ends and to give a boost to your hair.

On the other hand, it is recommended to cut them just before your summer vacation. The reason? If your ends are already damaged, they will be even more so when they come into contact with the sea, sand, or sun. But this advice is still for aesthetic reasons... Generally speaking, human hair that is in good health grows from 0.5 to 2 cm per month. And no phenomenon can change that!

A recap of the best tips for cutting your hair on a Full Moon

  • The Full Moon would be the best time to cut your hair.
  • Cutting your hair during the full moon gives it strength, thickness, and vitality.
  • The full moon is also beneficial for scalp care: hair masks, and conditioners.
  • To benefit from its effects, you will have to work on your hair between 6:00 am and 12:00 pm.

Cutting hair New Moon - Avoid getting the chop on these dates

It is generally not recommended to cut your hair on a new moon day because during this phase your hair would be more fragile, thinner, and more likely to fall out. Therefore, if you want to avoid damaging your hair, it is best to avoid new moon phases. According to astrology, new moons are favorable to new beginnings, so if you want to try a new color or get a drastic haircut the new moon would be a good time to make a radical change in hairstyle.

A round-up of the essential tips for cutting your hair on a New Moon

  • The New Moon would be an unfavorable time to cut your hair.
  • Cutting your hair during the new moon would weaken it and encourage hair loss.
  • However, the new moon would be beneficial for radical changes in hairstyle: new coloring, new cut.

Do your hair mask during a crescent phase

The crescent phase of the Moon, which occurs every 2 weeks, is a regenerative phase and is the right moment to do a hair mask! It’s suggested to color your hair during these periods as your body and hair will be in its best possible condition and so your color will take noticeably better if you dye your hair during this phase.

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Astrologist Susan Taylor

Astrologist Susan Taylor's insights:

'The effects of the Moon on hair could cause it to grow back more or less quickly depending on the care given to it in accordance with different lunar phases. Some hairdressers are convinced of the benefits of a "moon cut", despite the fact that its effects are not scientifically proven.'

'If I want thicker hair, when should I cut it?'

For those worried about the thickness of their hair, your solution once again lies with the lunar phases. Simply wait for the Moon to be in transit during Leo or Virgo, as these will be the optimal days to cut your hair if you’re looking for thicker regrowth.

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How do you make your hair grow slower?

If you’re happy with your current style, and you’re looking to cut your hair in order to keep it at a desired length for as long as possible, you’ll have to do so during a waning period. This phase is in fact known to slow down growth. The waning period is the phase between the Full Moon and the New Moon and is said to be the calmest phase. If you cut your hair during the waning moon, it will grow back less quickly. This lunar phase is therefore ideal if you want to keep your short or plunging bob longer. The waning moon is also the best time to treat and moisturize your scalp.

Susan Taylor’s insights: When to cut your locks

To summarize briefly:
Full Moon: excellent time to cut your hair
New Moon: don't cut your hair
Rising Moon phase: haircut for long hair
Waning Moon phase: haircut for short hair 

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* Literature Source: The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need, Author; Joanna Martine Woolfolk, Published in 2012 and available here: Amazon - The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need

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