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The Moon's Impact On The Libido: How The Lunar Cycle Affects Your Sex Drive

We know that the Moon influences the tides, and even the speed of hair growth, but did you know that the Moon can affect your libido and sex drive, both positively and negatively? After reading this article, you won’t think of evenings under a Full Moon in the same way ever again! Next Full Moon might just be the most exciting one yet! Discover what kind of impact the Full Moon has on your libido and sex drive.

Have you ever noticed that the duration of the lunar cycle (28 days) corresponds with a woman’s menstrual cycles? It’s also widely believed that there are more births during the periods of Full Moon, so it's not surprising that the Moon has a strong influence on your libido… Follow our Lunar calendar 2020 for all the essential Lunar phases' dates.

Discover the influences of New Moon January on each zodiac sign.

Lunar cycle effects: The Moon and your sex drive!

The Moon passes through 4 phases, and each phase impacts men and women differently. But the question is, what influence does the Moon have on your relationship and your sex life?

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1. New Moon and your relationship

Time for some initiatives! The New Moon is the best time for furthering projects with your partner, so why not try suggesting new and sexy experiences? Don't hold back when it comes to surprising your partner on the evening of the New Moon, and if things have hit a bit of a blip, try to rekindle the flame. If you’re single, it’s the perfect time to starting dating or even to start a new relationship.

2. First Quarter and your partner

If you’re having problems in your relationship, despite the efforts that you made during the New Moon, this is the time to set things straight between you and your partner. This clarification will allow you two to open up more than ever before. Ask your partner what makes them happy, what doesn’t make them happy, and adapt yourself to their needs. If everything goes well between you two, then think about telling about your sexual desires and why not even your super-secret fantasies!

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3. Full Moon and sex life

This is an ideal time to make and keep making love! With the Full Moon, you feel more energetic, so you’ll need less sleep, and sex is the best way to channel your energy. All of your senses are stimulated by the Full Moon, sensations are multiplied by 10, and it’s a one-way trip to heaven, so make sure you get on board! If you’re single, it’s time to bring this to an end and start enjoying great sex! 

4. Last Quarter and your libido

Often during this last phase, you’ll have less of a desire to be intimate, and you’ll withdraw yourself as if you’re going to take a nap until the next New Moon. Furthermore, the craziness from the Full Moon has probably made you tired. If you’re single, this isn't the time to look for a relationship, so be sure to quietly stay in your corner because the person you’re interested in will push you away.

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