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5 Rituals For The Night Of A Full Moon

You've no doubt already heard that the Full Moon causes sleep problems and stress, right? In fact, the most sensitive among us can feel these effects 3 to 5 days before this important lunar event. Fortunately for us, we can enjoy the benefits of the Full Moon by practicing a few rituals. Susan Taylor and her team have come up with 5 simple and easy to perform rituals to make the most of this monthly occurrence.

The Full Moon exerts a strong influence on us all. This phase is even said to accelerate the birthing process and can have an effect on our libidos! Our experts reveal everything you need to know about this important Moon phase and how to benefit positively from it.

5 Full Moon rituals that will improve your life!

1. Rid yourself of negative energy

Place some salt in a small jar next to your front door, this will help absorb negative vibes and energy, especially on nights of the Full Moon. The following morning, collect the salt and place it in aluminum paper and heat it up to destroy the negative energy.

2. Solidify your relationship

Place two photo portraits in a small plastic bag, tied up with a red ribbon. Close the bag during the evening of the Full Moon and put it in the freezer for the following 10 days, this will help solidify your relationship with your partner.

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3. Reinforce heavenly protection

In Asia, Jade is reputed for its protective powers. On the night of a Full Moon, placing a bracelet made of Jade on a window sill, and afterwards wearing the bracelet which will have absorbed the Moon’s energy, will ensure you are protected from harm.

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4. Protect your house

Take two red apples and cut them horizontally, leaving the pips in their original state and place a laurel leaf on each half of the apple and secure them with some string. When you are done, place the four halves of the apples in four corners of your house. This ritual will protect your household whenever you feel danger approaching. This ritual does however need to be repeated every Full Moon.

5. Protect yourself

Before a Full Moon, dry out some sage, mint, laurel, rose petals, rosemary, mistletoe and lavender. On the evening of a Full Moon, take a handkerchief for example and place the plants inside and close it up with some white or silver string. This invention helps to wade off bad spirits and troubles.

Of course these rituals aren’t totally straightforward and demand some material, but they need to be carried out with the same conviction we would have as if we were praying. To get the results we want, we have to believe! The Full Moon period is ideal to make any necessary life changes that we envisage are necessary.

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