5 Full Moon Rituals To Follow For More Prosperity

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You have no doubt already heard that the Full Moon causes sleep problems and stress, right? Well, in fact, the most sensitive people among us can feel these negative effects up to 3 to 5 days before this important lunar cycle. Although, fortunately for us, we can also just as easily enjoy the benefits of the Full Moon by practicing a few simple rituals on these evenings. Susan Taylor and her team have come up with 5 simple and easy to perform practices in order for you to make the most of this monthly occurrence, and its prosperous energies 🌕.

5 Full Moon Rituals To Follow For More Prosperity

The Full Moon exerts a strong influence on us all. This phase is even said to accelerate the birthing process and can have an effect on our libidos! Our experts reveal everything you need to know about this important Moon phase and how to benefit positively from it.

5 Rituals to carry out on nights of the Full Moon if you want to improve your life 🖊️

1. Rid yourself of negative energy, by hunting it with salt

If you want to rid yourself of negative energy, place some salt in a small jar next to your front door, this will help absorb bad vibes and energy. The following morning, collect the salt and place it in aluminum paper and heat it up to destroy the negative energy.

2. Try this love ritual to solidify your relationship

Place two photo portraits in a small plastic bag, tied up with a red ribbon. Close the bag during the evening of the Full Moon and put it in the freezer for the following 10 days, this will help solidify your relationship with your partner.

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3. Reinforce heavenly protection with the Jade stone

In Asia, Jade is reputed for its protective powers. On the night of a Full Moon, placing a bracelet made of Jade on a window sill, and afterward wearing the bracelet which will have absorbed the Moon’s energy, will ensure you are protected from harm.

🌕 For more information, read about the Moon and its importance. 🌕

4. Protect your house with apples

Take two red apples and cut them horizontally, leaving the pips in their original state, and place a laurel leaf on each half of the apple and secure them with some string. When you are done, place the four halves of the apples in four corners of your house. This ritual will protect your household whenever you feel danger approaching. This ritual does however need to be repeated every Full Moon.

5. Protect yourself using herbs

Before a Full Moon, dry out some sage, mint, laurel, rose petals, rosemary, mistletoe and lavender. On the evening of a Full Moon, take a handkerchief, for example, and place the plants inside and close it up with some white or silver string. This invention helps to wade off bad spirits and troubles.

⚠️  Take note: ⚠️

Of course, these rituals aren’t totally straightforward and require some material, but they need to be carried out with the same conviction we would have as if we were praying. To get the results we want, we have to believe! After all, the Full Moon period is ideal to make any life changes that we envisage as necessary.

What should you not do on a Full Moon? ⛔🙅‍♀️

Here are 3 things you should avoid doing during this powerful cycle

1. Definitely don't start something new

With so much energy emitted, we might be tempted to immediately start something new. The fact is, we are the most emotional at this stage of the lunar phase, so starting something new might not be the right thing to do. Instead, take time to think, plot and plan, and more importantly, wait for the new moon to begin.

2. Avoid overreacting to situations

Speaking of our emotions, the Full Moon is definitely not the time for overreaction. It will only make what you're experiencing much more intense and could accidentally trigger something you didn't intend for another person. Sometimes people tend to go a little crazy just because they don't understand the nature of the Moon and its messages. So, since you know this, go sit in a corner until you calm down, then calmly approach what you need to face.

3. Never make rash decisions

While you're in the corner calming down, try not to fixate or get too attached to overly emotional decisions. Give the Full Moon a few days to fully express itself before making any major decisions. Especially ones you can't take back.

What do you manifest on a Full Moon?

Full Moons are often associated with a period of intense energy and culmination. It's like the universe turns up the volume on our emotions and intentions. If you're into astrology or just love the mystique of the cosmos, here's a look at the things you can manifest during a Full Moon:

  • Let things go: Use the Full Moon's vibes to release thoughts, emotions, or habits that no longer serve you. Imagine what you want to let go of drifting away, making space for fresh, positive vibes. Say goodbye to the old and hello to the new you!

  • Personal intentions: This is your chance to set personal intentions. Think about your goals and what you want to attract into your life. Write them down on a piece of paper and meditate on them during the full moon. It's like telling the universe your wishlist.

  • Love and relationships 💖: If you're searching for love or want to strengthen your current relationships, tap into the energy to manifest healthy and loving connections. Visualize yourself surrounded by love and positive relationships. You're the magnet for love!

  • Abundance and prosperity 💰: This is the perfect time for attracting abundance, whether it's financial success, career opportunities, or personal growth. Visualize a life filled with wealth and achievement. Watch the universe sprinkle its magic on your goals. Read up on how to write an abundance check for the New Moon.

  • Health and well-being 🏋️‍♂️: You can wish for better health, both physically and mentally. Ask for energy, vitality, and overall well-being. Visualize yourself as the healthiest, happiest version of you.

  • Creativity and inspiration 🎨: If you're an artist or just want to ignite your creative spark, seek inspiration during this phase. Imagine a flood of creative ideas rushing in, and picture yourself passionately creating.

  • Protection and positivity ✨: Don't forget about good vibes and protection. Visualize yourself wrapped in a shield of white or golden light, warding off any negative energies. You're the keeper of your energy!

⚠️  Keep in mind: ⚠️

Remember, this is a potent time for manifesting, but it's crucial to express your desires with clear and positive intentions. It's like making a cosmic order to the universe, and who knows, the stars might just align in your favor!

Susan Taylor’s insights: Make the most of these energies

This powerful phase is one to be exploited to its full potential, so what are you waiting for? 

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