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Full Moon Superstitions You Need To Know Before The Next Lunar Cycle

People have always associated numerous mystical ongoings with the Full Moon, and trust us, some of them are totally unbelievable. Do you what the most popular Full Moon superstitions are? Here are 5 popular beliefs that will more than likely surprise you! Do you believe in Full Moon superstitions? Discover the 5 most common Full Moon superstitions and get ready for the next Full Moon!

The Moon is known for influencing the tides amongst other things, so why wouldn’t it have an impact on our behavior? As for our sex lives, the Full Moon increases our libidos and drives us crazy! 

When will your next sensual evening be? Track the Full Moon with the help of our Lunar calendar 2020 to find out! How does the Full Moon impact you? We reveal the Full Moon's influence on each zodiac sign.

Check out the 5 biggest Full Moon superstitions and decide for yourself if they really magical or just mythical? Are you convinced by these Full Moon beliefs?

 5 biggest Full Moon superstitions

1. A Full Moon will transform a man into a werewolf

According to modern beliefs, nights of Full Moons will involuntarily transform a man into a werewolf, a terrifying creature that’s half man and half animal.

It’s also said that people born under a Full Moon will be more susceptible of becoming lycanthropes.

2. A Full Moon drives people crazy

People have long associated the Full Moon with the worst crimes… The number of accidents, crimes, and suicides double during an evening with a Full Moon. Today, people continue to believe that the Full Moon plays on our emotions and our moods: our feelings will be intensifed ten times over, insomnia will hit us harder, and a natural aggressiveness within people and animals will be more intense… Incidentally, there’s a good reason why the word “volatile” means that someone’s mood is unpredictable, just like the face of the Moon, which changes all the time

3. Hang your laundry out during the evening of a Full Moon, and it will shine

According to an ancient belief, if you hung your laundry out to dry under a Full Moon, the clothing would obtain a spotless white color. In short, the moonlight would have a bleaching power on clothing.

4. If you cut your hair on the evening of a Full Moon, it’ll grow back quicker

The Moon plays an essential role on vegetable growth, so why wouldn’t do the same with our hair? According to certain beliefs, the force of the Moon’s pull boosts our blood flow. Incidentally, our nails and hair will grow a lot quicker if they’re trimmed late during the evening of a Full Moon. Be careful, though: if you want to cut your hair but don't want it to grow back fast, you should know how to cut your hair according to the Moon’s cycles!

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5. A Full Moon triggers childbirth

Have you ever noticed that the duration of the lunar cycle (28 days) corresponds with a woman’s menstrual cycle? If the Moon prompts childbirth and influences the fertility of farm land, there is no reason that the Moon wouldn’t influence our own fertility.

There’s a reason why maternity wards are fuller during evenings that have a Full Moon… According to this modern belief, women will have more luck having a child the evening of a full moon if the end of her pregnancy falls around this date.

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