10 Full Moon Superstitions That Are Completely Mind-Boggling! - Are They True?

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People have always associated numerous mystical on goings with the Full Moon and trust us, some may seem unbelievable, yet they are completely true! Do you know what the most popular spooky beliefs related to this phenomenon are? Discover the 10 most common Full Moon superstitions and get ready for this important cycle! Believe us, you'll never anticipate it in the same way again and may even want to prepare for the event every month because you'll soon understand the type of impact it has on our personalities.

10 Full Moon Superstitions That Are Completely Mind-Boggling! - Are They True?

Ah, the Moon and all of its intriguing mysteries! Many beliefs, stories and legends have been forged about this star, but, are they the fruit of the imagination or, scientific realities? The Moon is known for influencing the tides, plant growth, and women's menstrual cycles amongst other things, so why wouldn’t it have an impact on our behavior too? Are you convinced by these popular beliefs? Track the cycles with the help of our Moon calendar to find out how true they are for you! After all, it's up to you to decide for yourself if they are really magical or just mythical.

10 Moon incredible beliefs related to the Full Moon

1. It transforms men into werewolves

According to modern beliefs, nights of Full Moons will involuntarily transform a man into a werewolf, a terrifying creature that’s half man and half animal. It’s also said that people born on these evenings will be more susceptible to becoming misanthropes. Legend has it that these cursed humans (men and women) are transformed, at nightfall, into anthropomorphic creatures close to the wolf. The metamorphosis occurs periodically, at each full moon, condemning them to wander until the morning. Endowed with colossal strength and great ferocity, this legendary animal is said to be capable of killing many people in a single night, especially children, which it generally does not remember after having taken human form again just before sunrise.

- We reveal the Full Moon's influence on each zodiac sign. -

2. It drives people crazy

People have long associated this cycle with the worst crimes… The number of accidents, crimes, and suicides double during these evenings. Today, people continue to believe that this star plays on our emotions and our moods. Legend states that our feelings will be increased ten times over, insomnia will hit us harder, and a natural aggressiveness within people and animals will intensify.

Witches come to invoke the Moon goddess during the nights of the full Moon, optimizing their magical powers. And it is still our brave satellite that makes the nature of the werewolf appear in the human imagination, a man who transforms into a wolf at the time of the full Moon. This phase of the Moon has also had the reputation of stirring up certain mental disorders. In the 19th century, in some English asylums, lunatics were beaten before, during, and after the full Moon to calm them down.

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3. Hanging your laundry out on these evenings will make it shine

According to an ancient belief, if you hung your laundry out to dry on these evenings, the clothing would obtain a spotless white color. According to beliefs, the moonlight would have a bleaching effect on clothing.

 5 biggest Full Moon superstitions

4. If you cut your hair on these evenings, it’ll grow back quicker

It plays an essential role in vegetable growth, so why wouldn’t do the same with our hair? According to certain beliefs, the force of its pull boosts our blood flow. Incidentally, our nails and hair will grow a lot quicker if they’re trimmed late during these mystical evenings.

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5. The Full Moon makes us more fertile

This belief is based on the fact that the lunar cycle is within one day of the average menstrual cycle. However, there is no connection to be made between the two. However, as for our sex lives, the Full Moon increases our libidos and drives us crazy between the sheets! 

6. The moon favors childbirth

No, it's been proven many a time that there are no more births during the Full Moon!

7. The moon increases crime

There is no link between crime and the Full Moon, even if certain Hollywood authors and scriptwriters like to make it seem so. After all, this kind of scenario makes for fun movies.

8. The moon promotes epileptic seizures

No, studies prove that the Full Moon has no influence on epileptic seizures.

9. The moon makes sleep more fragile

Just because it's brighter doesn't mean it will keep you up all night. Here’s a little tip if this happens to you: close your curtains, and it will be a night like any other ;)

>>> Read up on the Full Moon's influence on insomnia.

10. The moon makes plants grow

The truth is, plants are indeed sensitive to the phases of the moon, but it is not the moon that makes them grow. It is rather the humidity of the soil and the sunlight.

Full Moon pregnancy superstitions - Are more babies born during this cycle than at other points?

Women who are approaching the end of their pregnancy often hear "the Full Moon is coming, you'll give birth soon! But are there really more births on Full Moon nights? This is a very old belief. And for good reason, a pregnancy lasts an average of 280 days, or 10 Moon cycles, which is not a coincidence for many people. Some theories suggest that, because the Moon has an influence on the earth's tides, it also influences our inner tides, thus it could act on the amniotic liquid and therefore cause pregnant women’s waters to break. 

However, whilst faced with these rumors, many scientists have studied the question, but have all come to the same conclusion - there are no more childbirths on the nights of the Full Moon. In other words, if the Moon is associated with fertility and childbirth in many mythologies, no scientific study has been able to demonstrate a real correlation.

What does a Full Moon do spiritually?

The Full Moon has profound spiritual significance in many spiritual traditions and practices around the world. Here are some of the spiritual meanings commonly associated with this cycle:

  • Completion and enlightenment: This phase is considered a moment of culmination, fulfillment, and realization. It's a time when intentions and projects can reach their apogee. It symbolizes the completion of a cycle and the illumination of consciousness.

  • Amplified energy: This cycle is known for amplifying spiritual and emotional energies. It's an auspicious time for meditation, manifestation, healing, ritual, and spiritual connection. Spiritual practices carried out during the full moon can be strengthened and have a more powerful impact.

  • Intuition and guidance: This phase is often associated with increased intuition and mental clarity. It can foster a connection with our inner wisdom and spiritual guidance. It's a favorable time for introspection, listening to our inner voice, and exploring our spirituality.

  • Purification and liberation: The Full Moon is considered an auspicious time for liberation, letting go, and purification. It's an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves us, eliminate negative energies, and free ourselves from limiting patterns.

Susan Taylor’s insights: Various effects

The Full Moon would be a good time to cut your hair to make it stronger and shinier. If you wish to start a dietary detox, it is also a good time, as the Full Moon acts on the different fluids of the body. Thus, the drainage of toxins would be optimized. At the level of mood, the Full Moon would have a bad influence on behavior, leading to irritability, violence and conflicts. It is therefore during this lunar phase that it is advisable to listen to oneself and to do sports to evacuate this excess of energy.

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