What Are Lunar Nodes In Astrology? Susan Taylor Explains All

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Lunar Nodes are fictitious points associated with the Moon. The plane of the ecliptic is the plane of rotation of the Earth around the Sun. During its rotation around the Earth, the Moon regularly intersects this plane of the ecliptic and these points are called the lunar nodes. Astrologist Susan Taylor reveals more about this phenomenon and reveals the influence they have.


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The Lunar Nodes help us to get to know each other better. We can distinguish the North Node and the South Node which are in opposition. They are interpreted in karmic astrology: The South Node speaks of your origins; the influences of your past life and the North Node indicates what you are moving towards and your current life challenges.

What is my Lunar Node?

In order to identify yours, you have to study at your birth chart and look for the symbols of the Moon Nodes and see in which Astrological Houses they belong and therefore in which axis they are located. The axes are 1/7, 2/8, 3/9,4/10, 5/11, 6/12.

Moon Node Symbols

North Lunar Node: North Node

North Node

South Lunar Node: South Node

South Node

The Lunar Nodes are interpreted according to an axis and not independently of each other. Thus, as they are always in Opposition, if the South Node is in Astrological House 1, the North Node is necessarily opposite on the zodiac or in Astrological House 7, since the axis in question is axis 1/7.

Lunar nodes in astrology

In this example, the north lunar node is in house 4, following the axis, so the south lunar node is in house 10.

Lunar Nodes: What influence do they have?

By looking at them in your birth chart, discover how to interpret them and what path to take for your future.

The South Node in Astrological House 1 and the North Node in House 7

Taking again the example of the south node in House 1 and the north node in House 7, we will interpret as follows: I come (in a past, a previous life) from House 1, that is to say, the House of the Self, of individuality, and so I must detach myself from it and go in this present life to House 7, the House of the couple, of association, of union.

My life challenge will then be: I was undoubtedly of an individualistic nature, very independent in the past, perhaps even selfish, and in this life, to find balance, I must accept to depend on the other, on a couple, to associate, to trust, to give a hand to others...

One can also see things without referring to past lives; innately, I am independent (South Node in House 1) but I must learn throughout my life to collaborate and to listen to other people. These are both skills which were not acquired at the beginning of your path! (North Node in 7).

In addition to the South Node in Astrological House 1 and the North Node in House 7 which we have just developed, we have the opposite:

The South Node in Astrological House 7 and the North Node in House 1

I was totally dependent (financial, emotional...) on my relationship, a union or marriage... Now, I must understand myself as an individual, and learn to be free, take responsibility without depending on a union, feel good with myself...

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The South Node in Astrological House 2 and the North Node in House 8

I may have been rich in the past, or at least I am innately attached to property, to material possessions. To be happier, I must learn to detach myself from money, from material things, to let go, to accept the idea of stripping away to find balance and be more Zen!

Or the other way around:

The South Node in Astrological House 8 and the North Node in House 2

I was certainly detached from material possessions, perhaps poor or in a life of renunciation or extremely spendthrift because money has no real value. Now I accept the idea of hoarding, to consider a certain importance of money, not to be afraid of owning property, to save...

The South Node in Astrological House 3 and the North Node in House 9

I have a lot of knowledge, I have a lot of knowledge in me, I am curious and learn easily, I was probably a scholar in the past. But also, I was close to my siblings. Now I have to learn how to get the messages across to as many people as possible, on a larger scale, to spread my knowledge and to open my mind to such spiritual knowledge, beyond intellectual knowledge. I must also learn to open myself to people and different cultures.

Or the other way around:

The South Node in Astrological House 9 and the North Node in House 3

I may have had an important position related to higher education, the dissemination of knowledge, philosophy, spirituality... I can naturally address crowds to get my messages across, write books, travel and feel comfortable with strangers... I must go towards primary and secondary education, technical, develop more practical knowledge, resourcefulness, know how to get back on its feet and not stay in the great theories or great speeches, return to more simplicity and humor. To get closer to my brothers and sisters or my close environment.

The South Node in Astrological House 4 and the North Node in House 10

I put forward my role as a parent, my private life, I have an innate sense of family, roots, home, I like to stay at home. My future challenge is to accept to break away from a family dependency in order to realize myself professionally, to make a career. I have to earn a living on my own.

Or the other way around:

The South Node in Astrological House 10 and the North Node in House 4

I have worked a lot in the past, I have a lot of ambition in me innately and I tend to put my professional career ahead. Now, in order to realize myself, I need to be more at home, spend more time with my family and throw myself into my role as a father or a mother...

The South Node in Astrological House 5 and the North Node in House 11

Formerly or innately, I devoted myself more to my own creations, to my children, to my personal pleasures, more than to my friends. Now I have to try to make more friendships, be more open to others, do projects and activities related to a group of friends.

Or the other way around:

The South Node in Astrological House 11 and the North Node in House 5

I found it easy making friends and I can get lost in them sometimes or I was very surrounded by friends. This took up a lot of my time. Today, I devote more time to my children, my own pleasures, my creations...even if it means sorting out my friends on the spot.

The South Node in Astrological House 6 and the North Node in House 12

I had a subordinate position, I have a sense of service, I do everything I can to be useful even if it means forgetting myself sometimes. Repetitive tasks reassure me, I often do too much to occupy my mind. My challenge now is to isolate myself in order to take stock, to take a step back, to be connected spirituality, not to feel obliged, to take regular breaks and possibly to meditate.

Or the other way around:

The South Node in Astrological House 12 and the North Node in House 6

I had a life entirely devoted to spirituality and I have an innate need and desire for solitude to live my rich spiritual life. I need to go towards action, to give service to others in a more concrete way, to be useful, to give care, to go towards medical and paramedical activities...

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