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Zodiac Signs: What Kind of Ex Are You According To Astrology?

A break up is never easy and let’s face it, becoming β€˜the ex’ is a label nobody wants. After a break up, there are many different types of exes: those who remain friends, those who cut all ties and those who just become hysterical. But, what kind of ex is your zodiac sign? Every zodiac sign is different, so does your zodiac sign become a psycho ex after a break up or are you way calmer?

Breaking up is a horrible time for everyone, especially if you didn’t want to in the first place! When love is lost all the zodiac signs react in different ways; there are those zodiac signs who lock themselves away to cry for 3 weeks, those who do the complete opposite and go out every night to forget their worries and those who spend their time just hating on their ex.

What kind of ex is your zodiac sign?

Does being dumped turn your sign into a totally crazy ex zodiac? Let's face it, dumping styles can have an effect on the kind of exes people become. Click on your zodiac sign to discover what kind of ex you are. Is your zodiac sign the craziest ex of all?

What Kind of Ex Are You?

Read on to find out...

Zodiac signs that make the worst exes ranked

We've decided to look at the stars and rank the zodiac signs from the best to worst exes; trust us, you don't want to miss out on this vital information. Which zodiac sign is the worst ex ever?  

Zodiac sign :
Zodiac ex ranking :Angry ex factor :
1) Sagittarius ♐
Best ex to have😠
2) Cancer β™‹
Understanding ex😠
3) Aquarius β™’
Compassionate ex😠
4) Capricorn β™‘Kind ex😠
5) Taurus ♉Detached ex😠😠
6) Gemini β™ŠRational ex😠😠
7) Pisces β™“Emotional ex😠😠😠
8) Virgo ♍Sensitive ex😠😠😠
9) Leo β™ŒAngry ex😠😠😠😠
10) Aries β™ˆExplosive ex😠😠😠😠
11) Libra β™ŽOut of control ex😠😠😠😠😠
12) Scorpio ♏The worst ex!😠😠😠😠😠


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