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Virgo And Libra Compatibility: ♥ Better Off As Friends

Both natives are analytical rather than emotional, and both have a great ability to communicate their ideas clearly and gracefully. Virgo and Libra both seem as if they're allergic to conflict and avoid do everything possible to run from disputes. Virgo isn't necessarily very comfortable with feelings and this could frustrate the emotional and romantic Libra, who needs to reassured. Read on for more details on the Virgo and Libra compatibility and discover their love score.

"Virgo and Libra will face too many challenges!" 

Virgo and Libra compatibility score: 1/5

Virgo and Libra personality are two very different people, but overtime they can come to find some common ground between them! A beautiful friendship has potential to blossom between the two. Libra brings kindness and an artistic side to an uptight Virgo. However, Libra will have trouble keeping up with Virgo’s financial anxiety. Libra is a hopeless romantic and may suffer from Virgo’s sociability…to the point of jealousy which will encourage them to search for love elsewhere.

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Could a relationship between Virgo and Libra work out?

The problem with Virgo and Libra is that they want things that the other partner just can’t provide, for example Libra loves to get out and socialize and that just isn’t the case for Virgo, who could even become jealous. Libras are big romantics who crave affection, though Virgos seem incapable to letting down their guards and revealing their romantic sides.

You can create for yourself a stable, enriching and harmonious universe because both of you aspire to calmness and peace. Thus, your couple can work perfectly well together.

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Virgo and Libra sex life:

Although you'll get off to a good start, the passion will soon quickly fade away.

Love advice for this pair:

Work on your jealousy.

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