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Virgo And Virgo Compatibility: ♥ This Duo Lacks Chemistry

This is the perfect match for any business partnership! However when it comes to feelings, two Virgos together often that electric spark that ignites a relationship. Their hearts lack spontaneity, which makes exchanges and even flirting a little stilted. An excess of mental analysis freezes their sentimental impulses and can even distract them from the romance factor. Read on for more details on the Virgo and Virgo compatibility and discover their love score.

"Virgo and Virgo are best off as business partners!" 

Virgo and Virgo compatibility score: 1/5

Two Virgos are polite to each other, loyal, cautious and really do have a great chance at making things work. Between the two, there aren’t huge arguments, but nonetheless little habits can get on the other’s nerves. They can share a wonderful life together, but should be wary to not neglect their intimacy, or they risk living like siblings instead of lovers.

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Could a relationship between Virgo and Virgo work out?

Two Virgos together have what it takes to lead a comfortable life without any drama, however their relationship won’t be based on any flying sparks. Love should be viewed as a long river and two Virgos together will be in for a calm journey. Two Virgos get on well but overall they lack passion.

These personalities are on the same wavelength and have similar ideas and life principles which can only bring you closer. Thus, you have the same desires, the same goals and your couple can be very balancing.

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Virgo and Virgo sex life:

It can work, as they say, even if you can alternate periods of passion, wisdom or chastity.

Love advice for this pair:

Work on being passionate.

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