Virgo And Cancer Compatibility: ♥ Are They Soulmates?

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This match marks the heart and mind meeting to create a beautiful love story. With Cancer's creativity and Virgo's logical thinking, this couple could go far in their business ventures. They will bless each other with care and attention and will always find ways to overcome their problems and issues. We predict that they'll live happily ever after, and go on to have many children. This union could be very positive in the sense that Virgo native will be able to tear Cancer from the sentimental disorder in which they usually live. Read on for more details on the Virgo and Cancer compatibility and discover their love score.

Virgo And Cancer Compatibility: ♥ Are They Soulmates?

"Virgo and Cancer have similar goals!" 

Virgo and Cancer compatibility score: 3/5

In a professional setting these two signs get along really well and their patience, respect and understanding natures blend really well together. It’s fair to say these two signs complete each other. In the emotional sphere, be it familial, friendly, or romantic, Cancer personality and Virgo are shy towards one another, but once the boundaries are broken, they can live out something lasting. Cancer and Virgo are both looking to share a peaceful life and to start a family. Cancer can feel Virgo’s coldness from time to time, something to think about! In the emotional sphere, whether it is family, friends or lovers, Cancer and Virgo, both shy and introverted, will have to make efforts to go towards each other, but once the bond of trust has been established, they will be able to stay together for a long time in a lasting relationship. Both natives are very attached to their home, to their family, and will seek to share a quiet existence.

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Is Cancer and Virgo a good match?

When times get tough, Cancer will be reassured to know what they can rely on Virgo attentive nature, quick thinking and unbreakable support. Virgo will find comfort in Cancer’s warm nature and genuine feelings. Their only downfall could be Cancer’s overly emotional personality. Even though they don't live in the same universe, you can find waiting grounds to make your relationship work, but it won't be a foregone conclusion. They are armed to fight together. Here Cancer will be reassured by the attentive, benevolent, cold-blooded and practical Virgo. Virgo in turn will find comfort in Cancer thanks to their warmth and the depth of their feelings.

The water of emotion, creativity, and imagination (Cancer) has a hard time with the pragmatism and the exacerbated rationality of Virgo. You both share an inferiority complex and a way of keeping yourself out of the spotlight... but this singular similarity can't be enough to make you happy... Cancer is dreamy, capricious, and whimsical, and adheres reluctantly to Virgo's meticulous, "organized trip" style of life. And if you both seem equally shy and reserved, you're not on the same emotional frequency. Virgo could, however, mother and secure the emotional Cancer in his straitjacket of intimacy and well-thought-out rules...

What could tear them apart?

Cancer, who is very sentimental, will sometimes suffer from the apparent dryness of Virgo. They will each have to make an effort to meet each other's desires.

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Are Virgo and Cancer good in bed?

You will soon feel frustrated with each other and are unlikely to agree. With a more liberated Cancer, in bed, the Virgo will finally let themselves go. Moreover, they love each other very much, and sex is for them a physical expansion of all this love they share.

Love advice for this pair

You must both try to come out of your shells. It will be very difficult for them to take a step towards each other. If they want this relationship to grow, they will have to do fight for it and open up to each other.

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