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Virgo Personality: 15 Surprising Facts About The Fascinating Virgo Zodiac

Virgos is known as the most introverted of the zodiac signs and Virgo people love to analyze situations in order to find the best solutions, yes, Virgos are real big thinkers! But, make no mistake about it, these guys have so much more depth to their personalities than you actually think. So, here are 15 fascinating things you didn’t know about Virgos and the Virgo personality!

Virgo personality is the sixth sign of the zodiac and are known for having very analytical personalities and very organized natures. The Virgo personality strives for excellence and perfection in everything they do, yep, Virgos really are extremely dedicated people.

Zodiac facts: 15 Amazing facts about Virgos

Although Virgo personalities seem quite easy to describe, there really is more to the Virgo sign than just being clever. Virgo people have complex personalities, so be sure to discover their full characters by reading the 15 most fascinating facts about this sign.

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1) Virgo’s master planet is…

Mercury! Mercury is known as the planet of reflection and thought. Mercury ensures our Virgo friends are pensive, methodic and critical, sometimes even a little too critical.

2) Deeper meaning

Virgo is traditionally represented by the virgin maiden known for her modesty, which explains Virgo’s hatred of being the center of attention.

3) Earth sign

Virgo is an Earth sign along with Taurus and Capricorn. Earth signs need stability and loyalty in their lives.

4) Golden qualities

Virgo people are known for their kindness and good nature, which makes them excellent friends. If you have a Virgo friend you sure are lucky!

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5) Drawbacks

Our Virgo friends are often plagued with anxiety, which can at times stop them from aiming high and chasing their dreams.

6) Talents

Virgo people make amazing public speakers. Crowds of hundreds of people just don’t phase them, they have a seriously good way with words.

7) Compatibility

Virgos are totally compatible with Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer and Scorpio. So, what are you waiting for, Virgo?!

8) Famous Virgos

Famous Virgo personalities include the queen of music herself, Beyonce, along with Cameron Diaz and even Mother Teresa.

9) Perfectionist

Virgo is the ultimate perfectionist of the zodiac. A Virgo’s high standards and demanding personalities mean they often annoy people close to them.

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10) Downtime

Our Virgo friends excel in all that is intellectual, they love anything that gets their brain cells working. Virgos love taking on puzzles in their free time.

11) In love…

When in a relationship, Virgo likes to take things slowly before committing to anything too serious. Although, Virgos can be hard to read, which can be frustrating.

12) Pet peeves

Virgos hate not being in control of situations, it’s a real source of anxiety for them. Dear Virgos love micromanaging everything.

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13) Workaholics

Our dear Virgo friends have trouble cutting themselves off from work, even when they’re on vacation! These guys are never the first out of the office, they’re work ethic is amazing.

14) How to attract a Virgo

Virgos are attracted to intelligent people. Forget about impressing a Virgo with your beauty, these guys are impressed by facts and knowledge.

15) Perfect job?

An accountant of course! Methodic and organized Virgos would be perfect for this role.

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