Is The Eye Of Horus Magical? If So, What Is Its Power?

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The Eye of Horus is also known as the eye of Udjat. It is in fact a symbol of protection. Indeed, it derives from the legend stating that this eye was born from a fight in which Horus fought to avenge the murder of his father, Osiris. The Eye is thus considered to be a powerful protector, that one carries like an amulet, or even a talisman.

Is The Eye Of Horus Magical? If So, What Is Its Power?

The legend of the Eye of Horus

Horus is the son of Isis and Osiris. He is an Egyptian God, who is represented as a man with a hawk head. Horus is a fabulous being whose two eyes are depicted as the Sun and the Moon. It is his left eye, the one associated with the Moon, which was injured by Set, during the famous battle. The injured eye is reconstituted by Thoth, the lunar god. The Eye of Horus is therefore also associated with the phases of the moonwhich disappear and renew over and over again.


Horus, the falcon god, is one of the oldest Egyptian deities

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This is an eye with magical powers

This magical element prevents the onset or spread of disease, but it also offers the ability to see. In many Mediterranean countries, it is painted on the prow of boats to allow sailors to stay on course and to see the path to follow. It is important to note that it is also associated with the Third Eye and the sixth chakra, which is linked to intuition and extrasensory perceptions, such as clairvoyance. It blesses us with the gift of seeing what is usually hidden.

What does the Eye of Horus symbolize? - It embodies protection

Let us recall that the eye of Horus is also called the eye of Udjat. Udjat means "to preserve oneself". It is therefore found on many amulets for protection, as well as to ward off bad luck. It is traditionally worn around the neck to protect one's health, but you can however also install one at home or in your car, with the idea of being looked over.

What does the Eye of Horus protect against?

The Eye of Horus symbolizes the sun and light (represented by the color white). It is considered a symbol of protection for both the living and those who are no longer here. It is said to be effective against disease, the evil eye, betrayal and spells. Likewise, it represents strength, health, security, life and vigor. Today, people wear this symbol as an amulet against envy and the evil eye, which is why many decide to get a tattoo or wear it as jewelry. Out of curiosity, for the most mystical people, the Eye of Horus is the "third eye" of our body. This amulet represents that it is the pineal gland, which is located in the brain and generates melatonin. It is responsible for connecting the body to our soul.

The Eye of Horus and the Eye of Ra

The Eye of Horus is a hybrid of a human eye and the eye of a falconwhich explains why it looks very much like the eye of Ra. However, it is associated with the moon, whereas the Eye of Ra is linked to the sun. Ra's vision is omniscient and therefore unlimited, while Horus' vision is more focused on physical protection.

Is the Eye of Ra evil?

The Eye of Ra is considered a force that uses violence to subdue and control its enemies, it is therefore not considered as a powerful for protection, yet needs to be used correctly. Although the eye is an extension of Ra, associated with the disc form of the sun, it is also an independent entity that can be used to personify a variety of Egyptian goddesses such as Mut, Bastet, Hathor, Wadjet, and Sekhmet. Although generally considered a protective force, the symbol representing the eye was also used for preservation and inscribed on amulets and/or walls.

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