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Falcon Spirit Animal: What Does The Falcon Represent?

The Falcon is the first spirit animal of the Native American Zodiac, meaning this impressive creature represents the spring solstice. The Falcon is a spirit animal that’s known for its power and intelligence. Falcons are birds of prey and have remarkable instinctive hunting skills and ruthless characters. Discover all there is to know about the Falcon and what the Falcon represents in your life.

The Falcon is a powerful spirit animal with strong and dominant characteristics. The Native Americans were said to admire the Falcon and its impressive skills, although that’s not to say they weren’t afraid of the Falcon’s ruthlessness. The Falcon is an excellent leader in its natural environment and makes for a wonderful spiritual guide.

What is does the Falcon represent?

The Falcon is the first animal of the Native American Zodiac and is Aries people’s spirit animal. The Falcon’s dynamic character and energy allow the Falcon to fly off and become spiritual. The Falcon acts as a link between Earth and the heavens above and is considered as a messenger. The Falcon spirit animal is like the Owl; a solar animal who is awed at and feared. The Falcon carries light within his spirit and can therefore burn people. The light carried by the Falcon is what makes the animal both a spiritual guide and a destructive element.

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What is special about Falcons? Power and impatience

What is the spirit animal of Aries? The Falcon is Aries’ spirit animal which is good news because both Aries and the Falcon are practically identical character wise and loving trusting in their intuition to make decisions. Aries and the Falcon emit natural power which they need to channel by participating in sport activities. Aries and the Falcon are great leaders and accept their responsibilities with ease, although they can be impatient and impulsive when making decisions. Obstacles and difficult situations can bring out the anger in an Aries, so the best solution is for an Aries is to try and manage their stress; yes bosses also need to take some time out.

What is my spirit animal? Falcon – Here is our advice:

If the Falcon is your spirit animal, open your heart to the Falcon’s message and have the confidence you need to follow your own intuition. When the Falcon appears in your life, the meaning behind its appearance is to urge you to make tough decisions and become active. The Falcon encourages us to take in our surroundings and concentrate on what is important. The Falcon will act as a spiritual guide and will help you develop your sense of observation and develop your link with the spiritual world.

What is the power of the Falcon?

  • Leadership skills
  • Pragmatic character
  • Spontaneity
  • Strength

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