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Astrology Ranking Of The Most Dramatic Zodiac Signs To The Least

Attention seekers and drama worshipers come in all shapes and sizes, and while certain zodiac signs love being at the center of drama; others really do hate it with a vengeance. We have all had an encounter with drama at one point or another and how we handle it says a lot about our personalities. Who is the most dramatic zodiac sign? Our love of attention ranking reveals what you must know.

When drama rears its head some zodiac signs thrive whereas others put their sneakers on a run the other way! Drama comes in all forms; it can rise up from a little disagreement with friends or even from innocent games which take a turn for the worst. The truth is some zodiac sign are total drama queens and other zodiac signs are huge manipulators and love creating fireworks. 

Which is the most dramatic zodiac sign?

It’s almost as if certain star signs were born to create and lap up drama! Our ranking reveals which zodiac signs are the most dramatic and attention loving and which zodiacs are a lot mellower and absolutely despise drama and uproar. Where do you place in our attention seeking ranking? Is your zodiac a massive attention seeker?

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1) Leo

Leo is the most dramatic zodiac sign

Coming in at number one and the most dramatic is Leo, although that shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Leo people love gossiping and creating drama everywhere they go simply because they get a kick out of it.

2) Gemini

Gemini thrives on drama

As one of the cheekiest and sassiest zodiac signs, the Gemini personality absolutely loves drama and pretty much lives for it. Gemini people love living their lives as if they were in an award-winning telenovela.

3) Pisces

Pisces LOVES drama

The Pisces personality may come across as sweet and innocent, but don’t be fooled because these guys adore drama and love nothing more than being the center of attention.  Pisces gets a real buzz from drama!

4) Scorpio

Scorpio can't resist drama

It’s hardly a surprise that the mysterious Scorpio personality likes to spice things up by adding their own touch of drama. Although be warned, if you call a Scorpio out you should expect them to lose their cool; they are one of the angriest zodiac signs after all.

5) Libra

Libra is a drama magnet

Libra’s mantra of balance and harmony flies straight out the window where drama is concerned. Whenever the Libra personality gets a waft of drama, they can’t contain themselves and have to get involved.

6) Aries

Aries loves other people's drama

The Aries personality comes in at the halfway point because they have two important stances on drama. Aries people love watching other people’s drama play out, but hate personally experiencing drama.

7) Sagittarius

Drama is too negative for Sagittarius

As one of the most laid-back zodiac signs, Sagittarius doesn’t really get a kick out of drama and confrontation. Sagittarians are very positive people and associate drama with negativity which is why they have no time for it.

8) Cancer

Drama doesn't sit well with Cancer

Cancer is one of the most sensitive zodiac signs which explains why they don’t deal with drama, confrontation and criticism well. Cancer’s kind and nurturing personality is incompatible with tension.

9) Aquarius

Aquarius hates drama

Aquarius really is a cool cucumber and hates nothing more than detecting tension and drama in the air. Aquarius only surrounds themselves with positive and likeminded people in order to avoid confrontation.

10) Taurus

Taurus has no time for drama queens

The Taurus personality dreams of living in a drama free world where people can look past their differences and get on peacefully. Unfortunately for Taurus this isn’t the case but this zodiac definitely does everything possible to avoid dramatic people.

11) Virgo

Virgo deflects drama

Virgo has a reputation for being one of the most intelligent zodiac signs and it really is their acute thinking that allows them to take step back from drama and negative people. When Virgo senses drama they head for the hills!

12) Capricorn

Capricorn is the least dramatic zodiac sign

Capricorn vetoes drama and has an excellent conflict detector which never seems to let them down. Drama is the bane of a Capricorn’s life and they absolutely hate losing energy on insignificant issues and avoid attention seekers like the plague.


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