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The 5 Most Superficial Zodiac Signs: How Vain Are You?

For each good trait that a zodiac sign has, there’s an equally negative trait to the zodiac which gets less focus. We’ve decided to focus our attention on one of these unsavory personality attributes – superficiality. As much as people of these particular star signs may disagree, some zodiac sign personalities are totally superficial and will do anything for the right press. How vain is your zodiac sign? Are you guilty of being totally superficial?

Most people wouldn’t like to call themselves shallow or superficial, but some people just are. We realise the difficulty of introspection on a subject like this, so we’re breaking down the 5 most superficial signs for you. You may not agree with our evaluation, but perhaps it may be time to take a good look in the mirror and consider. Are you one of the pickiest zodiac signs? We reveal all!

The 5 Most Superficial Zodiac Signs

On the flip side of the argument, there are equally as many zodiacs which don’t possess this superficial attitude. While these zodiacs have equally as many faults, being focused on looks and appearances isn’t something that comes naturally to them. The 5 zodiac signs personalites in our list aren’t necessarily overtly superficial, but rather have superficial traits. Discover the best physical feature of each zodiac sign.

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Skin Deep

1. Libra

Libra tops our list for the most superficial sign, and really, it shouldn’t surprise anyone. With Venus as their ruling planet, Libra people have a natural affinity to visual beauty in a way that no other zodiac has. While Libras know that looks aren’t everything, they tend to gravitate themselves towards attractive people, both in friendships and relationships.

The Devil's Advocate

2. Gemini

As people that like to be liked, it’s expected that Gemini takes a high spot on the list. Being one of the most flexible and extroverted zodiac signs, a Gemini will happily change their tune if it means getting someone else’s friendship. They will say one thing to one person and then give a completely different version of their opinion to another person, if it means more people will like them .


3. Taurus

Reliable and steadfast at best, but superficial and entitled at worst, Taurus is a mixed bag. While people of the sign are typically hard-working and grounded, they do tend to have a materialistic side to them which can boil over. When in these moods, Taurus can be difficult to deal with as they feel they only deserve life’s luxuries.


4. Virgo

For a zodiac which puts so much thought into things, it could come as a shock to see Virgo making an appearance. As one of the most intelligent zodiac signs, Virgos hold themselves to high standards and extend this to other people. They often judge people off first impressions regarding appearances or intellect, allowing these people little chance to change their opinion.


5. Leo

As one of the most loyal zodiac signs, there should be no doubt that Leos value morals. At the same time, Leos are also born kings and queens and need to receive the attention they deserve. Being such a dramatic zodiac sign, they’ll often do whatever it takes to be in the spotlight, even if sometimes they know that it goes against what they believe.

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True about Libra


Virgos are not vain. We don't like the attention.

Exactly I try to know people before I decide if I want to know them better or forget I ever meet them. Virgos are judge to easily😤

Exactly I try to know people before I decide if I want to know them better or forget I ever meet them. Virgos are judge to easily😤

Exactly, idk why everyone says we are social butterflies, I hate socializing

Nope...im a Libra & I'm definately not vain or superficial...& i don't care what my spouse looks like on the outside as long as his heart is good..a weh Libra duh unuh suh..kmt


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